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Ciao Today I am going to speak about food Italian Food Because I realized that the Italians They give a lot of importance To this topic Just to give a little bit of dry, to make the sauce nice and chewy and then on top to make the crispiness One of the most famous food in Italy Is of course pasta The sauce has to coat the pasta beautifully and you have to start to appreciate the flavor of the cheeses Pasta Bolognese in 5 minutes First of all, I will tell you, I will read you from the internet How you can do the best recipe for pasta bolognese What do you need, the ingredients and how to prepare the sauce and everything First ingredient is a Tea Spoon Olive Oil 4 rashers bacon finely chopped 2 medium onions, also finely chopped 2 carrots, 2 garlic cloves 500 grams of beef So, for the sauce you need 800 grams plum tomatoes it has to be plum tomatoes, ok, not normal one, plum tomatoes Dried oregano 2 tea spoons puree 1 beef stock cube 1 red chili 125 ml red wine 6 cherry tomatoes now, sliced in half 75 grams Parmesan grated, plus extra to serve 400 grams spaghetti, don't forget it First of all, how do we start the Bolognese sauce we started with the "soffritto" Onion, celery and carrots very finely chopped One – speaking fast – x3 speed – Two – speaking fast – x3 speed – Three – speaking fast – x3 speed – Four – speaking fast – x3 speed – Five – speaking fast – x3 speed – Six – speaking fast – x3 speed – So this is what they say here in the Internet the only thing that you need i will show you and it's done You need 1 day to prepare the pasta and to eat, you will starve -You need to get the flavor of the meat ok? that's what is important now at this stage let it bubble it away for 3 hours -You are kidding me -I am not kidding -No, get out of here I will show you the trick and you will have no issues at all So if you see here it's 5 Minutes and you have your pasta Bolognese ready without any efforts without difficulties nothing First of all: You go to the Supermarket you buy it you pay for it you go home you take this masterpiece here and then, what you are going to do you have to warm water I'm going to be back I am back and now i will show you how you will make the real Carbona Bolognese i boiled the water very very carefully you open it because it's you have to put passion into the food you have to do it with love -When you cook you got to be happy see you know be happy the stuff will never come out right it looks like this -Mhm So you take it and you put water in it until the line it says so we are going to follow the instructions because in Italy it's very important to follow the Instraction to do it perfectly here it says you leave it for about 5 Minutes and then it should be ready for the best results you take a fork and you spin it a bit arround so everything is going with the pulver it smells perfect if you can see the sauce is going to be thick so i'm going to leave it now to rest a bit so, close it put also the fork on it so the lid is not opening and you leave it to rest about 5 Minutes 5 Minutes are over and now it's time for me to try the perfect pasta that we made that we cooked for this pasta i took a a fork i should take a spoon because it's kind of Ehm, yeah i will taste it now Yeah, it's very nice i did not expect that it's so good but it's really nice i like it you want to try? -Of course not The same you can do it with Carbonara Quattro formaggi everything Okay, enough for today This was the lesson about the pasta Bolognese so, this was it I hope it was helpful if you liked it and you want to watch something more and you have any suggestion you can write it down in the comments Don't forget to subscribe and comment and to like and do everything Subscribe, like, unlike whatever do what you want it's a free Channel so but i hope you liked it and see you the next time

Hi everyone Hi everyone Come on, this is very embarrassing they are going to put dislike i don't know how much they are going to hate me all of them they will curse me okay so i cannot show it Try it -No, i am making the video -Yeah but try this -No -Try, just this one -Why? -Come on try it Come here you will throw it down Tastes like Hamster Food so ok, i think i can continue i am back and now i will show you how you will make the real Carbona no, it's not a Carbonara It's really good i want to say to everybody Salute, cin-cin i hope somebody is making this pizza hey mate, jesus how tasteful is this pizza REALLY GOOD


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