Slow Cooker Cabbage Recipe – How To cook Cabbage In A Crockpot

what is up everybody this is Lyle with no hippie barbecue and a while back I had a request from a subscriber asking me to do some southern cabbage in a slow cooker typically when I cook cabbage I'll do it in a skillet on the stove so this isn't something that I do all the time anyway the way I'm going to cook this I'm going to be using some of the techniques that I would be using when I make my collard greens even though when I make greens I do those on the stove as well I'll be cooking this when I'm at work so the crock pot is going to be the perfect application for this cabbage recipe again this is a very simple recipe let's take a look at these ingredients and get started this is gonna be a pretty healthy cabbage recipe rather than using sausage bacon ham hocks or anything like that we are going to be using some smoked turkey that I cured and smoked last week we have cabbage a couple red peppers and this is mainly gonna be for color I have celery garlic one white onion some chili pepper flakes a little bit of salt water and I may add a dash of vinegar when I add the cabbage part I think is key what this is going to allow us to do is season our water without having to overcook any of the cabbage and the rest of the vegetables that we have so we're gonna go ahead and add our smoked turkey when I hit it with about a little over a teaspoon of garlic our red pepper flakes just to get it nice and spicy and our water now the cabbage is gonna bring out a lot of water on its own so I'm really just gonna want to cover the cabbage just barely we're gonna cover about half of this up should be enough you know that's good right there what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go ahead and put this on high for four hours this smoked turkey is frozen if it wasn't frozen I would just go three hours on high anyway let's get this rockin when I get back from work we'll get working on these vegetables and finish this up back from work this has had a chance to cook on high for four hours and then it went to warm for another hour so it's cooled down a little bit now here's where you're going to season it so we're just going to go ahead and taste this liquid this in here and see if we need to add any salt or chicken broth or anything like that you know it may add a little bit of salt to that but that's about it does have enough of that chicken flavor from this smoked turkey do we over there so what I'm going to do I'm going to pull these out and let these cool off and I'm gonna pick the meat off of the bone and discard the fat lip bones and add the meat back in once we have our cabbage cooking your different ways you can cut up this cabbage you can cut them into some thicker cuts or you could kind of shred it up I'm going to kind of go a little bit thicker on mine so I just cut the cabbage in half and then just kind of cut it in thick ribbons and then I'm gonna just go across one time in the middle like I said as far as this cabbage goes do it however you want I prefer to have it on the thicker side but you can't go wrong either way so we got that get that down we're gonna go ahead and slice up these the celery and you can go as thick or as thin as you want two leaves as well start these hands and our bell peppers I'm going to kind of cut those a little chunky as well so I'm just gonna kind of come down like that then just half now that my turkey meat off the bone we're just gonna go ahead and throw this in and I'm gonna throw about a tablespoon maybe a little bit over a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in there and I'm gonna stir this up probably in about another hour so I just want that cabbage to kind of wilt down into that liquid a little bit so this is what the dumb deal looks like I'm gonna go ahead and just put this in a little bowl over here I'm gonna let it cool down a little bit before we go ahead and taste it because it is pretty hot one thing I like about this recipe you know if you plan on doing it these red peppers give it a little bit of color and hopefully the chili pepper you know the red pepper flakes we put in there is gonna kind of come through add a little bit of heat but you can tell that the color of this some of that smoke action got in from the turkey legs this is looking and smelling actually really good so this is what they call a done deal time for me to get into this and see what I think about it the one thing I could say it's not missing any chicken broth so a lot of times you'll see you know chicken broth being added to this doesn't need that at all you know we started off with just a little amount of liquid so that flavor from when that turkey was in there got seriously concentrated definitely have some of that smoked turkey flavor coming through so my effect here's a nice big old piece of Turkey right here you know what it's hard to get overly excited about cabbage but I will tell if you give it for cabbage this is good I'll be cleaned out tomorrow morning for sure anyway one thing I really highly recommend if you are gonna cook cabbage and if the aesthetics of the dish means anything to you the red bell peppers that we add to this really have someone up and some nice color to it and you do get some heat from that to those chili flakes as I added early on in this cooking process but you know a lot of people will add like a vinegar hot sauce type deal to this you know what you might want to add a little bit more vinegar if that's your taste but it definitely doesn't need any more heat that is for sure anyway hey I always have to try something new not new for me but new to my channel but I do appreciate the recommendation thanks for suggesting southern cabbage and stopping by no hippie BBQ I appreciate it comment subscribe I'm out Best cabbage recipes


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