Vegan Jackfruit Pulled Pork – Healthy Recipe | Hungry Healthy Coach Episode 52

I'm very sticky right now hi everybody my name is Alex Napoli welcome to health by Napoli where we only cook healthy food that doesn't suck what I am working with today is jackfruit apple cider vinegar honey molasses Worcestershire tomato paste various spices onion garlic so naturally we are gonna be making a vegan pulled pork so jackfruit is gonna stand in for the pork portion of this I did a jackfruit carnitas the other day that was so delicious check the links below for recipes to that video so this is two pounds of jackfruit it's a lot of jackfruit so let's make it taste good I don't own barbecue sauce so I'm gonna be making a barbecue sauce from scratch get your frying pan nice and hot and then we're gonna chop up the onions all right so chop up your onion nice and fine just like you it's so fine and you're so fine like all right get some olive oil in your pan my things broken so don't judge me broken and empty winning at life right now alright so let that oil heat up and as it does we're gonna get the garlic ready so maybe like two or three cloves of garlic depending on how big they are or how much you like garlic I like garlic a whole bunch the easy way is you just smush it with the flat bed of the knife but I I never do that I don't know why I like to struggle that's a general theme in my life make things harder than they need to be and then struggle through it I could also be using a garlic press but I'm not make things hard and then struggle through it alright so I'm gonna put my onion in the pan it's hot you can hear it and I'm gonna put the garlic in at the same time too then I'm gonna go salt and pepper give this a good mix around and then while that's cooking let's get our spices together so one tablespoon of chili powder I also don't own chili powder so this is Korean chili flakes which I hope is the same we'll find out certainly smells spicy one teaspoon of onion powder Oh one teaspoon of garlic powder into the mix now we're gonna do 3/4 of a teaspoon of smoked paprika smoked paprika has a much stronger flavor than just regular paprika mmm that's kind of smells barbecuey to be honest that smoke paprika smells like barbecue and then we're gonna do 1/2 a teaspoon of mustard powder I love mustard powder I put it it's all my salad dressings have mustard powder in them so good all right so we just give this a big swirl Swizzle swirls so make sure it's all combined sometimes the mustard powder can make little balls of mustard so you just want to kind of get rid of those I feel like I need a little bit more oil in here that I didn't have enough to begin with so let's give it a little blep and we'll keep it going garlic you know you want your onions to be nice and translucent we got it we got this this going fine hey Google how many Ounces are in a cup we don't have enough where did my actual measuring cup go this is actually a fat separator but it's all I have right now so that's gonna have to do so really what you want is one and a half cups of tomato sauce I don't have that I have a can of tomato paste which isn't even enough tomato paste to me what I need it to be so I'm gonna put it in here and then I'm gonna add some water and mix it around to get to one and a half cups sounds legit right if there's eight in a cup then four is a half a cup so 8 plus 4 is 12 so I have 6 I need doubling did you see how good my math was so fast to like perfectly 1 and 1/2 cup we need 3 tablespoons of actual tomato paste so more a tomato paste into the mix 1 2 3 I like buying tomato paste generally in containers like this so you can use like a little bit then you just seal it up and put it away all right so most barbeque sauce recipes have a fair amount of sugar in them I'm gonna try to swap the sugar out for molasses and honey well technically we're let's let's have one tablespoon of molasses so I'm gonna do whoa that didn't even come out oh my god this is so thick two big ol' tablespoons of molasses haha mo-las-ass I said ass ahhh so funny then lets get our honey in here if it will come out which it won't cause it's hard sorry for saying I suppose this makes it not vegan anymore it's vegetarian and technically no bees died in the making of this and beekeeping I think is what's keeping helping keep bees alive I know that it's not their natural habitat but the more people who want honey and use honey the more people are gonna keep bees alive to make honey makes sense to me so let's get all this in here and then we're gonna add our spice mix and then I'm just gonna run a bit more water because it looks super thick and then mix it around we forgot our Worcestershire just you know mmmm that's enough okay so just to really make sure that this all gets combined I'm gonna whisk it and then bring it to a nice boil let's talk about jackfruit jackfruit is a giant egg-shaped spiky kind of looks like a dinosaur egg and on the inside is this fruit now you can get jackfruit that's already prepared in a can or in a vacuum sealed bag it can either be in like a sugar substance you don't want that or it can be in water in salt if it's in water and salt make sure you rinse it off before you put it into the recipe this one just came as is the only ingredient was jackfruit so I'm trusting that that's all that was in there it kind of smelled like plum but it has the consistency of literal pulled pork it's like it pulls apart just like pulled pork so it's the perfect recipe to be making with this all right let's taste this a little bit I think most barbecue sauce is probably cooked for like a while I ain't got time for that that's pretty good actually I like it I like it a lot yeah and it's not too much heat the heat kind of kicks you at the back end which is perfect all right so let's go ahead and add our jackfruit in this was like a real arm workout like I am zonked honly smokes okay so everything is combined everything is covered in delicious barbecue sauce and then you want to try to have this cook at a simmer for about 20 minutes so that the flavors can really get into the jackfruit okay guys it's been 20 minutes and this looks and smells really good it's too heavy okay this is a solid two hand job *mumbling* okay look at this though it looks just like pulled pork we've got our pulled pork here this is a potato masher so you want to get in here and kind of like break it up so there's some pieces that are in bigger chunks you kind of just want to break it up so that it really really looks like pulled pork pork you don't want it like liquid or like the consistency of mashed potato but just like break it up a little bit Baking sheet lined with aluminum foil dump it all out easier said than done holy friggidy I need to work on my pipes okay this isn't awkward at all alright lets spread this into one nice even layer we're gonna throw this into a preheated 400 degree oven for 10 minutes so that some of the moisture can evaporate and it's also gonna crisp up some of the edges just like real pulled pork safety first people let's get this out of the oven oh yeah I can't believe how much this looks like pulled pork can you see how much this looks like pulled pork if you didn't know the difference you would say that it was pork let's see what it tastes like whoo yeah get it get it get it get it get it it's got that like the top is crispy and really brown and then the bottom it still has that same color and consistency of literal pulled-pork check out how is that not pork shut the front door I have the consistency of pulled pork it's nice and sweet like it would be from the barbecue sauce got a little bit of spicy mm-hmm and baking it in the oven gives it those little crispy bits which is really nice too hmm this is dope doo doo doo doo dope so the other day I made a vegan macaroni and cheese so I'm just gonna make this a vegan macaroni and cheese with pulled pork like all of the things that you would think that you couldn't have if you were vegan in the one place you're all good all right guys I hope you enjoyed cooking with me if you did be sure to LIKE comment and subscribe and I will see you next time oh yeah get in my belly oh yeah see you later


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