Over Night Weight Loss by Natural || Carrot and apple Smoothie For obesity

do you want to lose your way you might have tried many exercises and followed strict tonight if you want to lose your weight by simple and natural ways then watch this full video hello friends today I'm going to show you a quick weight loss thing this drinks helps us to reduce weight in our body for this drink we need carrot apple lemon honey and water get it get it in Bruce division it is a powerful antibiotic it detoxifies the body and a good fat burner happened don't feel the skin of the apple and cut the apple into pieces with the skin Apple Apple prevent the cancer appels lowers the level of bad calls troll reduces the risk of diabetes and keeps you slim lemon juice lemon juice purefies and stimulates liver it lowers blood pressure lemon is a good antioxidant lemon is a powerhouse of vitamin C honey honey is a natural energy drink it helps in anti-aging honey controls bodyweight let's start the process take the juicer jar ad Apple pieces into the juicer carrot pieces lemon juice honey and finally water then start blending now the juice study take the mixture into a glass this used taste great and give you the energy whole day it reduces fat and helps invade loss and flat Billy this smoothe is so refreshing and highly nutritious this drink help us to reduce weight in very short time thank you for watching this video like and subscribe for more videos


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