Paleo S’mores

S'mores Sugarless crystals here your keto Paleo food review I'm Darius your recipe hoodman If this is your first time here subscribe now as we do recipes every single Wednesday So I'm back at 40 acres again before I did her paleo Chipotle copycat recipe card above when natural S'mores They just passing she came out with a s'mores recipe I'm willing to the recipe and a website in description Box below so check that out for some reason I've always wanted to set marshmallows on fire should you be worried probably is it time yet? So we're gonna head to the kitchen get started on the stand let's go, so it's more than coming out We're in the kitchen there, and I can't wait to set that torch on fire

Oh, it's a table Yeah, wait It happens Anyways, we had to start this recipe four hours early a whole four hours a whole four hours And that was four hours at the minimum, okay? So it was either four hours of the overnight So what I did it for hours Let's get ready to make this marshmallow, and I'll see you a little later throughout the night We had to get this gelatin water water honey Let me tell you madness I couldn't get it out a bowl I mean it was stuck to everything It was literally like oh my wish I had someone here to record this so you can see it like you so you can see Matt I couldn't even get some shots man, and I'll show you what I have It turned out to be a disaster, and this is all I ended up having this smells great What is what she said she wanted it to be? I don't know she said a stand mixer

I don't understand mixer, so I Have a little whisk attachment to my regular hand mixer It didn't turn out very well It's all my blender up look at my mixer It's spitting the thing right I love it Roswell's do this Hmm I suppose do bees never use the thing before we're so excited and destroyed it all right all stare and loving food It's a table yet almond flour Tapioca starch baking Powder vanilla extract Cinnamon coconut oil maple syrup egg This smells really good The directions to the Graham Cracker crust is a lot easier stick in a food processor and go Now I bought those 8×8 pants only to not use oh chocolate here We go all right, so we like the coconut cream the vanilla extract coconut oil Stir this up

Oh man She says brother mars She says brother Marshmallow I Thought it like you know I always see on YouTube and stuff like you know They're always You know what they do with the s'mores They always you know put the torch to him so I'd be excited all this time To just be let down You know what she said to other I've been waiting on this thing I'm gonna set this thing on fire

I am going to put the torch to it Yeah, yeah It's going down This is time yet is I'm gonna do there's two separate ways I'm gonna do it the way she said do it, and then I'm gonna do it the way that I've been waiting to do it No, I don't know what's gonna happen when I tried Torch this thing But we will find out it's time Yeah Now that looks like hers Okay, so we're gonna test one of hers And we gonna test my more really they're both hers because she made the recipe her mother look bad in mine, dude Oh sure hers first Hey sniffing you see what I mean sticky sticky Just sticky Look at this All right, but see now this one This one's covered this one's covered Keep me away from that sticky marshmallow first off That chocolate was super super rich it was creamy

It was creamy, but it was extremely rich now between Keto and Paleo I guess if you didn't like Dark chocolate before you better start liking it now because Everything is like dark chocolate like everything is red a very rich chocolate the graham cracker and had that nice cinnamon flavor in it So it did come through and they were very soft they weren't they weren't crunchy now if I would use the right pan I don't know what they would have been I don't know if there were been some or crunchy but they were soft of course the outer edges for crunchy the Marshmallow though despite being super super Sticky it had a nice honey flavor I'm not a very big marshmallow fan unless it's either with a s'more or rice krispies treat I'm not someone who eats Marshmallow, but that actually tastes better than marshmallows because of the honey flavor in it the honey Flavor definitely shots within the marshmallow Overall together, it's pretty good man something for the kids or either you just haven't Well, you're having some friends over or it happens to be national S'mores Day I'm a couple weeks late, but it was natural s'mores day which led me to making this recipe I'm still getting used to dark chocolate I'm used to milk chocolate, but we all know milk chocolate is full of sugar, so That's not in debate Oh wow this more good I enjoyed them if I were fully paleo I would eat the whole thing hands down and to be honest I prefer the way She had them when she begged him and the way she baked them and broiled the Marshmallow on top those were way better Thing about it was it was so so so so sticky I probably will attend our probably did that way and then slapped a graham cracker on top of it

Oh Yeah, that wraps us up this week See you next Wednesday and here We'll make any recipes We just need the free We don't make any recipes We see the food


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