Handy juicer demo in hindi | Mausami Juice In Juicer | Just In 5 Min | Pomegranate Juice |

Subscribe to my Channel and Press the Bell Icon for all the latest updates Namaste! Welcome to Cooking With Shalini Today we will make Fresh fruit juice in hand juicer you can easily make juice with this machine we don't need electricity to make this juice We can have it anytime we want to lets start making juice we will make Sweet lime juice (Mausami Juice) then we will make Pomegranate juice you can see my handy juicer it is very light weight and we can take it anywhere we want to In winters we can enjoy juice in garden or in your room or anywhere you like It is very easy to make in this hand juicer and is very comfortable we have to use this hand juicerthis way as shown in the video It is very easy to wash This juicer doesn't take much time to prepare juice as compared to Electric one The Electric juicer takes lot of time in washing and cleaning Whereas this handy juicer does not take much time We will take 3 Sweet lime and wash them properly Cut them into half Take a Glass now and Keep the Glass as shown Keep your half sweet lime into the center of juicer you can see the way I am doing it Now Press it from the top Now put other half of sweet lime in juicer In this juicer your juice will not taste bitter Sweet lime Seeds automatically get separated People usually have this Problem as their juice taste bitter in Electric Juicer This hand Juicer is best in all ways In this juicer it will taste Good You can see this hand juicer is so easy to use Try to buy Medium size Sweet Lime If the size is so big then it will be difficult for you to take the juice out Like this Sweet lime in my hand is quite big So we have to be Careful You can take out the seeds out very easily Our Sweet Lime juice is ready now You can see it looks so tempting and Refreshing If you want to add Black salt in it you can add a Pinch Or you can take like this Now we will make Pomegranate Juice Wash it and cut it into half Keep the Glass Keep your half Pomegranate into the center of juicer Do it same way likeSweet lime juice Drink this healthy and Refreshing juice whenever you feel like you can see our all juices are ready now This hand juicer is very useful and easy to use As you can see our fresh juice taste so good in this No Bitterness

without electricity and just in few minutes it is ready and it is Portable you can take it wherever you want to If you Like my Hand Juicer and want the same then you can check out the link to buy this juicer in Description box under the video It will make your life much more easy you can purchase this hand juicer by checking out the link given in description box It is my one of the Best Purchase and is very useful If you like you can also buy it and make your favorite juices in this juicer I am sure you Gonna love it Do make this juice with my Recipe and if you like do share, like, comment and subscribe to my channel Thank You


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