BEST HEALTHY BROCCOLI SOUP | paleo, dairy-free, gluten-free

*music* Hi this is Steph from StupidEasyPaleocom and today we're making my Comforting Creamy Broccoli Soup aka Crack Soup

This is one of my favorite soups ever If you know me you know how much I love soup This one is perfect if you're dairy-free It tastes just like a cream of broccoli soup but without the dairy or cream There's no milk so you're able to stick to a dairy-free way of eating

I start with a leek A leek if you've never seen it looks like a green onion on steroids It looks exactly the same It's light green and white on the bottom and dark green on the top The trick with a leek though is they get really dirty on the inside

So what I do is I slice the leek lengthwise down the middle and then I take those and run them under the faucet so that I get any grit out because nobody who wants gritty soup I take that leek and then I chop it up I also chop up half of a white onion and then about a pound of broccoli To the leek, the onion, and the broccoli you're going to add two cloves of garlic Then we're going to add the liquids

The liquids in this recipe are going to be 4 cups of chicken stock I would recommend homemade if you can If you can't and you have to buy chicken stock from the grocery store, that's fine Just try to look for something that's low sodium or sodium free That way you can control the saltiness of the broth by adding your own seasonings at the end

I also add a cup of coconut milk and that's what gives it that body, that gives it the creamy texture and the really nice mouthfeel and flavor without adding any dairy at all I also like to add (to just give it that little buttery edge) I like to add a little bit of ghee which is a clarified butter You could certainly add add grass-fed butter if you want or you can just leave that part out but I think that gives it a little secret creaminess and flavor that you can't get from other types of fats and oils You're going to add all of that to the pot, and you just put it on the stove bring it to a boil for about 20 minutes You going to simmer that until the vegetables are soft

Then from there carefully add that to a blender Sometimes I do it in two batches in case it gets a little bit too full You're going to blend that on high for about a minute until the soup is nice and creamy and you can serve it right from there Sometimes I like to top this soup with a little bit of shredded chicken and that makes it a complete meal You could serve it alongside a salad and a piece of steak and you're going to have a delicious weeknight dinner that takes almost no time to prepare

For my Comforting Creamy Broccoli Soup aka Crack Soup and more recipes just like it head to StupidEasyPaleocom


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