Best Types of Juicers – Top Rated Juicers

Do you know the difference between a cold press juicer and a centrifugal juicer? No? Here let me show you A cold-pressed juice uses a gentle squeezing and crushing action to maximize the amount of nutrients and enzymes you getting out of the juice and with the motor spinning slower it results in a more solid juicer

Cold-pressed juices are quick and easy to clean and the juice that is produced can surviving in the fridge for up to 48 to 72 hours after extraction Now centrifugal juices use fast spinning blade which can create heat about 50 degrees Celsius breaking down the enzymes and nutrients found in fruit and vegetables Due to the high revs of the motor these juicers tend to be extremely loud and cleaning can prove rather difficult as there are many bulky parts to clean Juice from a centrifugal juicer needs to be drunk immediately as the enzymes and nutrients have been destroyed Now let's compare the extraction of the two juicers

the squeezing motion of a cold press juicer results in much less waste and in turn gives you much more juice Not only will you extract more juice from a cold press masticating juicer you will also notice the health benefits of the juice having the maximum amount of nutrients and enzymes be absorbed into the body As you can see on the left the glass of centrifugal juice has started to separate This is because of the cutting and slashing in the centrifugal juicer which kills and breaks down natural enzymes and nutrients and on the right you will notice how the cold-pressed juice has not separated and that is due to the fact it is simply still alive Now let's have a look at the pulp from both juicers

The centrifugal pulp we have here is extremely gluggy and wet Think of all that wasted juice that could be in your glass And here we have the cold pressed pulp which is lovely and dry meaning that you've extracted the maximum amount from the produce


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