hey guys welcome to my channel and welcome today eight of 30 days Keto summer transformation I wasn't feeling hungry today so much so it's almost 3 o'clock I've been fasting for a while so now I'm gonna have my first meal of the day my lunch and I'm just gonna make some simple salad you can I use this spinach and baby kale mix and give it a good one and a half cups I'm gonna add four chopped strawberries in it some onion half of an avocado 15 grams of walnuts and I'm gonna wait one and a half ounces of this goat cheese I'm gonna put this little ball on it and 0 just scale one and a half and I'm just gonna crumble it into my salad guys this is one of my favorite summer salads is this only spinach some kale avocado goat cheese shrubberies and walnut so full of healthy amazing fats which will keep you full as a dressing I'm using this coconut sesame dressing from all these this one has just one total carbs so it's a perfect match it's a little sweet so it goes very good together with this a summer amazing sweet salad so I'm gonna dig in as it's really like today I actually finished my 19 hours fast for the first time and I feel great so Bon Appetit to me and I'll see you later hey guys this is Rob welcome to J 8 of our 30 day keto challenge I just wanted to show you what I brought here to lunch very very simple today I did already have two chicken wings from that whole baked chicken we had some leftover chicken wings so I had two chicken wings I brought two eggs and a couple of slices of salami some monster cheese one slice a monster cheese for some snacks and I also have half an avocado some sliced cucumber some carrots which I shouldn't be eating carrots are actually hiring carbs you really want to go with the more of the above ground vegetables and I have some grape tomatoes and a little Thousand Island sauce just for some dipping and that is what's for lunch on day eight I've mentioned yesterday that I've been having a little mild uncomfortable headaches and I'm not sure if it's due to starting Kido flu or what's going on so I've decided to increase my potassium and magnesium intake so I'm taking some multivitamin and also to increase my sodium so for today's snack I've picked this bone broth this one is beef one and I'm just gonna cry one egg in it and add a little garlic as garlic is actually inflammatory so I like to eat as much of that as possible as well and I'm gonna go a little heavier on the salt and a little pepper and that's gonna be mass snack so I've measured 2 cups of the bone broth and I'm gonna bring it to boil guys maybe not so appealing but absolutely delicious great keto snack great way to bump up your electrolytes and it takes about three minutes to make it and I'm just a big suit flutter so this is a great option for me it's almost eight o'clock so it's time for me to start the dinner I don't feel so much like cooking today so I'm just gonna put together some turkey patties to put on the grill and I have a bag of organics tiny sweet peppers so I'm gonna put those there on as well and probably a zucchini so we have more veggies or I don't know you have a better idea now well that's normal well I have idea I'll just set up the barbecue for you well yes so you can tell who is the mr chef here in this family all right so let's let's do it so I have this ground turkey this one you would not believe it was dollar fifty it's a t5li and fifteen fat so I'm gonna use it all I'm gonna make four patties so we have some leftovers for tomorrow adding some salt some pepper garlic powder a little bit of triple the seasoning and about teaspoon of liquid smoke well little change of plans this cheap turkey actually is it was frozen so it's kind of watery it would definitely not hold as a patty firm so it would fall apart so I'm just gonna pop it in a skillet with the veggies and I'm just gonna saute it all to get it like a little mishmash jambalaya we'll see how it come out so hopefully I'm gonna save as the nurse so it's looking pretty good now just like that's Brundle and I chopped my peppers and two of medium zucchini so I'm gonna add it in well sometimes a girl has to improvise well what can you do but I bet it's still gonna be delicious I decided to add some mushrooms in there so I cooked about 4 bigger heads of mushroom so I'm gonna pop it right in and here it is looking good hopefully it tastes the same let's go give it a try oh this mishmash jambalaya was actually pretty good we did like it so maybe I'll experiment more often now hi right that was pretty good yeah well I keep saying that we know that rich to buy cheap stuff well but when we saw this dollar 50 ground turkey we just left it like that well lesson learned now we gonna brew some tea I wanted to show you this salted caramel LT is our new favorite it's so good really good so like sweet just that really good takes care of that sweet create mmm so we're gonna have that and I'm gonna make some little dessert today I'm just gonna chop some celery and I'm gonna use this natural peanut butter creamy one to just spread it on it and that's gonna be our night dessert and I'm all set well today is over this is the only thing I'm gonna eat today so let's do the final thing we have to do all right yep peanut butter I don't peanut gotta get the fat in well they ate is officially over so start of the second week of this challenge is good I can't wait to see the result on day 30 and I suggest you if you didn't do so go and subscribe so you don't miss that thank you so much for watching today's video and I'm gonna see you tomorrow good night


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