hey guys somebody had asked me a question a while ago about juicing and what was the difference and my lighting is acting out ok so and I just wanted to make a quick video because I said that I was juicing and eating the fruits and the vegetables are two different things juicy which is really a juice cleanse what we call it because it's a it's trending something that's trending for now but for some people it's a lifestyle change like me I incorporated 32 orange juice and my daily life before I eat any solid foods however juicing and I'm gonna keep saying this juicing is when you give your digestive tract a break it mimics a water fast that's why when you're doing the juice the correct way they tell you to sift all the extra pulp that's in the juice that comes out of the juicer once the juice is extracted it still has pull still in the juice and you have to strain that out and basically get all that excess pulp out of it because you don't want that going into the digestive system making the digestive system stress because now they're gonna digest all that stuff which it's not much of it but it's still something for the digestive system to stop doing something over here which is healing to go clear out and break down all of those you know waste particles from the fibers of the juice eating fruits and vegetables is not giving you digestive tract a break at all whatsoever it in fact does cleanse the body but it never gives the body a rest from digestion so the body's not gonna work on areas that you need work on because it's going to be still focused on trying to digest and eliminate that food so that you know it doesn't get stuck in the body and then go back into the bloodstream and make you more toxic so please keep that in mind that juicing is when you're giving your digestive system a break so that the body is able to heal other areas of the body that needs to be healed and when you're eating the fruits and the vegetables it does not give you a digestive system a break so I just don't want to ask down this video too long I just want to give you the two difference of why they are different and how one is dramatically more different than the other and it does not have anything to do with juicing even if you using the same raw fruits and vegetables if it's not in the form of juicing where you sifted even the fiber out of it then if it's in solid form and you have to eat it then there's no possible way that the body is you know at rest and able to work on other areas of the body because of the simple fact that you're still eating so with all that being said please subscribe to the channel like and share this video make it a favorite and I'll see you guys in the next video bye for now


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