DIY Desserts Recipe / No bake Desserts / Churro Bites /Mexican Dessert recipe with Indian touch

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Friends its festive season and its so lovely to be with your family This time we need some desserts which we can make quickly and which we can prepare a day or two in advance Lets see this dessert which is quick to make and you can serve it hot or you can make it a day or two in advance and can freeze them an serve Lets watch the ingredients of my quick recipe Friends to subscribe my channel click on this subscribe button and get the regular updates

Ana's recipes gives easy to make fusion recipes First of all we need Butter – 1/4 cup, All purpose flour – 1 cup, Sugar – 2 tablespoon, Water – 1 cup, vanilla Essence, powdered cinnamon and icing sugar mixture for garnishing Let me heat up the pan and add butter to it add sugar when butter melts When it will be well combined, add water and stir well

When water starts boiling add flour You can use Whole wheat flour in case of all purpose flour Keep stirring and mix it properly It will become like a dough after some time Then add Vanilla Essence

Mix well for another 5 minutes You can add 1 teaspoon milk to make it a little glossy Now switch off the gas and set the mixture aside to cool I have taken a plate and this mixture is cooled now Now take small amount of mixture and make small balls out of it and keep it aside

You can shape it as per your choice Lets make balls of all the mixture See balls are ready Now we will keep it in refrigerator to freeze for around 30 to 40 minutes I have take oil for deep frying in a pan

Now when oil is hot fry the balls in it We have to fry them in hot oil initially but then switch gas to low and fry them till they are fully cooked from inside also and become crunchy They are cooked now Let take it out on a parchment paper so that it soaks extra oil Sprinkle icing sugar and cinnamon powder mixture on the balls

You can also sprinkle just icing sugar only As per your choice My Churro bites are ready to eat now Delicious Churro Bites are ready for you Friends its so tasty and so yummy, I just cant resist

mmmmmhhh Wow Friends its very tastySuper delicious Please to try this recipe and share your feedback in the comments section And do not forget to subscribe my channel

Till then let me finish it Take care byeeee


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