Best Chinese Kung Pao Chicken Stir Fry ~ Spicy Chicken Stir Fry Recipe

This is another delicious stir-fry I'm Tess and tonight I'm making Chinese Kung Pao Chicken stir fry

Stay tuned! (intro music) Over the years I've showed you how to make many Asian stir frys and a lot of stir frys you can use the meat and vegetables of your choice BUT it is the sauce that makes the individual unique flavors Some of these sauces are simple and some require more than a few ingredients This Chinese Kung Pao chicken is one of those stir frys The good thing is that when you purchase these ingredients they can be used in many dishes and they have a good long shelf life If you love stir frys as much as I do, the ingredients are an investment and in the long run you're going to save money by making these meals at home instead of buying them at a restaurant

Many of these ingredients you can find at places like Walmart and the unique ones you're going to find at local Asian markets OR I will leave a link below where you can purchase them online I'm starting by marinating my chicken I have about a pound of cubed boneless chicken thighs and you can use chicken breasts I'm adding in some Shaoxing wine and you can substitute with some rice wine vinegar, some dark soy sauce and this is going to give the chicken that dark color, a sprinkle of white pepper and a little baking soda Giving that a good mix and setting to the side while I prep my veggies and make my sauce

And just a reminder that you'll be able to find this recipe and the list of ingredients in the show more section below For the sauce I have some chicken broth and you can use water, adding in some dark soy sauce, light soy sauce, Shaoxing wine and again you can substitute some rice wine vinegar, black vinegar which has a unique taste, sugar, a little sesame oil and cornstarch to help thicken the sauce Giving that a good stir and setting to the side These are Szechuan peppercorns If you remember I used these in making the spicy Szechuan chicken stir-fry

I'm going to give these a rough crushing I need about a teaspoon for this recipe but you can add the amount to your liking lt will give a bit of heat and a unique taste to this Kung Pao chicken The Szechuan peppercorns will give you a numbing sensation on the tongue and lips Trust me

they are good So let's get started! In my wok on high heat I'm adding in some oil and the chicken Spreading out the chicken, letting it cook for about 15 seconds before stirring

This is gonna give the chicken a nice browning and prevent sticking Cooking and stirring for three to five minutes until done and then removing from the wok I wiped out my wok, brought back up to a medium-high and added in some more oil In goes some minced garlic, ginger and the whites of garden onions Giving that a good stir for about 20 seconds and then I'm adding in my Szechuan peppercorns and some dried red chillies

If you like a little more heat you could chop up the Chili Peppers Cooking and stirring for another twenty to thirty seconds Next goes in some peanuts I'm using about a half a cup because I like a lot of peanuts but you can cut this back to about a quarter of a cup if you like In goes some diced bell peppers, cooking and stirring for a couple minutes

Adding the chicken and the juices back into the wok, cooking and stirring for another minute and then pouring in the sauce Giving that a good stir and you will see the sauce start to thicken from the cornstarch It is smelling so good! Finally I'm adding in the greens of the garden onions, one more toss and we are ready to eat! As you can see this stir-fry goes quickly Chinese Kung Pao chicken is one of my favorites I love the balance of the heat from the Szechuan peppercorns and the red chilies, and then the sweetness and the saltiness

The peanuts really add a nice crunch and texture I hope you give this Chinese Kung Pao chicken stir-fry a try and enjoy If you like this recipe please hit the like and subscribe button Remember to hit the bell next to the subscribe to make sure that you get my future video recipes You can also find me on Steemit, Facebook and at my website

Feel free to share this recipe and my channel with your friends and family And until next time Much Love!


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