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Hey guys you're watching Cait Straight Up and I am Caitlin and today I am sharing something with you that is so fun special and we are doing so in celebration of I don't even want to say out loud cuz it makes it for real but I am turning 30 which is why I'm having this large glass of red wine as always umm but so I wanted to post a special recipe for my 30th birthday and I was cramming thinking about all my favorite foods and as you know as a fan of Cait Straight Up I have a ton of favorite foods so I decided to think a little bit more simple and think of the recipe that is the true way to my heart and if you asked my husband he will tell you because I don't want chocolate on Valentine's Day I certainly don't want chocolate if you'd messed up I want some nice kettle cooked chips and onion dip so today I'm going to make for you my homemade onion dip that if you want to win over my heart or girls like me that are salty verse over sweet you're gonna love it so it cheers to me I am going into a next decade I am scared to death but thankfully I have all of you fun people here to hang out with me and celebrate but happy birthday to me and by the time you see this I will be almost 30 so this recipe couldn't be easier it's fun it's simple you can kind of really show off instead of buying that crap that's in the container and honestly you only need a few ingredients in this bowl right here I have one container of sour cream and I am adding to it 3/4 of a cup of Greek yogurt now this is for a party size this is not a personal size so take that down if you're just making it for yourself but if you are serving it for a party or the centerpiece to a crudite or veggies and dip this is the perfect amount because it fills most dip bowls and leaves a little bit extra for people really hammering hard the next thing that we're gonna add is a sauteed onion diced super small you don't want anybody getting too large of a chunk of onions here and I want to dice it down best way to saute it just add a tablespoon of olive oil to your pan let it heat up a little bit and throw your diced onion right on in you're gonna want to continuously stir on medium heat so none of your onions burn and you're just gonna want it to cook through until it's translucent and the juices start to come out after that remove it from the heat and completely allow it to cool we cannot put on hot onions in this dip so when your onions are nice and cooled you're gonna just add them on and it's okay let your spoon got sour cream on it because it's all going in the same thing anyway so we're just gonna add those onions give it a stir and a few other simple ingredients after your onion is just a few other simple ingredients so I actually like to add a little bit of onion powder just to drive home that onion flavor not too much then its Cait Straight Up and it's my freakin birthday and it wouldn't be it without garlic powder so just a little bit of a touch of it you don't want it to be overwhelming actually in this recipe so I got a hold my heavy hand of garlic pouring obviously then we're gonna do a little bit of salt and pepper so a little bit of sea salt and then I actually like a decent amount of pepper in this but other people may not so put your pepper in to your taste I kind of always tell people that just kind of I'm gonna give it a stir real quick and then just do a little bit more but that's just me do it the way you like it all right so I'm gonna give this all a nice stir up and then I'm gonna share with you my final ingredient it's a little bit of a twist a little bit of a surprise I think it's fabulous so after you got that nice and blended you are going to add just a tiny bit of worcestershire not enough to make it watery but just enough to get that kind of salty flavor in there it's why I don't add a lot of salt because I knew this was coming so just add a little bit in there again not to make your dip salty just to make your dip really pop and have a ton of flavor when you're dipping those delicious kettle cooked crunchy chips in it the only other thing to do is grab your favorite chip whether it be plain barbecue salt and vinegar I'm with you any one of those I don't care how you go make a nice plate put a bowl in the center and just get it on in there this is what I love about this onion dip it's super easy to make it's homemade so you know what's in it you that there's no kind of crazy levels of salt or added ingredients or msg or anything like that you got some really nice kind of sauteed onions that give it that homemade flavor versus that you know jarred kind that you get in the store and honestly let's not complicate it it's freaking chips and onion dip and it's going to be awesome you're really going to like this recipe and there you have it the way to my heart red wine and some kettle cooked chips and onion dip trust me you can get me to do anything with this I know this was a quick and easy one but I'm telling you you are gonna love learning how to make this home made and make sure to come back and hang out with me from my next 10 years I'm kidding 40 is gonna be a whole different story I don't think I'll take it but make sure to come back and tune in on Tuesdays check me out on Instagram and Twitter I'd love to hear from you and other than that guys I am going to go drink wine until I forget that I'm 30 and I will see you next time bye bye


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