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how to cure type-2 diabetes diabetes is a condition in which the body cannot control its increased blood glucose levels the condition occurs when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin or the cells in the body declined to respond to the insulin that is produced if left untreated diabetes can damage nearly every organ in the body including the kidneys ice hurt and even the nervous system with insulin therapy under healthy lifestyle diabetes does not have to affect your quality of life improving your diet eat more visible foods high in fiber cannot be digested or absorbed by the body easily and therefore help in reducing red sugar levels green leafy vegetables such as spinach lettuce give you many vitamins with few calories non starchy vegetables are also healthy such as asparagus broccoli cabbage carrots and tomatoes are all good source of fibers and vitamin ye choose fat-free dairy products milk yogurt and cheese are all good choices if they are fat-free you can still get all the nutrition calcium magnesium and vitamins skip a white carbohydrates substitute your carbohydrate intake of white flour bread pasta or ice with whole grains they contain much higher amounts of magnesium chromium and fiber reduce your sugar intake as much as possible you can find sugar in many sources fruits sweetened drinks ice creams deserts and sweet breads instead use products with artificial sweeteners such as saccharine or sucralose as they provide you the sweet taste you want to be third glucose breaking up in your body and elevating your sugar levels you can eat some fruits like apples goers peers berries and peaches avoid other fruits that contain high amounts of sugars such as watermelon and mangos include omega-3 fat the acids in your diet include fish in your diet due to its high levels of omega-3 fatty acids Salman and tuna are very rich in omega-3 fatty acids nuts also are a good source of omega acids especially walnuts and flax seeds take the right amount of calories by following all these we can cure type 2 diabetes here is a nutritious and healthy drink for diabetes it lowers diabetes and keeps you healthy sugar free juice papaya orange banana papaya it is having low sugar content glucose level in fruit is very low this fruit is rich in fiber papaya contain papain which helps to digest food it is very beneficial to heart and liver it is good for constipation as it is rich in fiber papaya is very much helpful for digestion papaya is rich in potassium minerals calcium vitamin E C b1 and b2 banana banana is rich in potassium and so many other minerals contains vitamin A B and E it gives instant energy and promotes blood circulation orange juice orange juice is rich in vitamin C the fiber in orange keeps blood sugar levels in control let's start the process take a juicer jar add papaya banana orange juice now start the blending take the juice into serving glass diabetic special sugar-free juice is ready to serve sugar-free juice improves health and controls sugar take this juice twice in a day to decrease blood sugar levels and it controls sugar level in your body diabetes mellitus diabetes mellitus commonly known as diabetes is a chronic disease that affects the body's ability to use energy from food it is a lifelong condition which is characterized by high levels of sugar or glucose in the blood the main reason for high blood sugar levels in the body can be due to the body's inability to utilize insulin or due to the defect in production of insulin or a combination of both there are three major types of diabetes namely type 1 diabetes type 2 diabetes and gestational diabetes type 1 diabetes also called as juvenile diabetes or insulin dependent diabetes mellitus is caused due to the inability of the pancreas to secrete insulin type 2 diabetes is one of the most common types of diabetes that accounts to almost 95 percent of the total population affected by diabetes also called as non insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus it is caused due to improper utilization of insulin by the body cells this rational diabetes generally occurs in pregnant women late in their pregnancy it is found to affect around a 16% of the total pregnant women this is caused due to the effect of pregnancy hormones on insulin production and utilization understanding diabetes the early symptoms of diabetes frequent urination this is where the patient passes a lot of urine during the day or night this occurs because the blood glucose levels are high and increases the absorption of water into the body stream this in turn increases the urine that is passed increased thirst this is where the patient intakes a large amount of water more than 8 glasses per day and this does not crunch his or her thirst this occurs because the amount of urine passed is increased and this leaves the patient dehydrated increasing thirst increased hunger the patient consumes more food than their usual proportions this is because there is lack of insulin that is required for the glucose in blood to be transported to the cells where it is used to to provide energy for the body when there is no insulin the cells in the body lack glucose and this leaves the patient feeling starvin the late symptoms of diabetes fatigue the patient becomes tired very easily this is because of the lack of insulin that helps in transporting the glucose in the blood to the cells where it is used to provide energy to the body this leaves the patient with reduced amounts of glucose in the cells therefore resulting in less energy late healing this is in cases where the patient has a wound it takes much longer than usual for healing to take place this is because of increased sugar levels in the blood blood transports the nutrients needed for healing and when glucose is in excess nutrients are not appropriately carried to the site of healing this causing delay the risk factors for diabetes include obesity diabetes is common in people who are overweight because they are high levels of cholesterol in the body this is broken down into sugar where it is transported to the bloodstream the increased glucose level is so high that some of it being taken up by the cells there is still a large amount that is left in the bloodstream thus causing diabetes genetics the condition in common people who have a genetic makeup where there is insulin resistant or the pancreas does not produce enough insulin lack of exercise exercise is needed by the body for effective metabolism to take place when one does not engage in exercises regularly the glucose that is present in the blood is not appropriately taken up by the cells resulting in diabetes the complications of diabetes skin complications fungal and bacterial infections and neuropathic foot ulcers are all common they are usually painless because there is a poor blood supply causing neuropathy and therefore no sensation nervous system complications this includes delayed nerve condition neuropathy retinopathy a neuropathy as a result of destruction of these small blood vessels in all vital organs gangrene of the foot this is also known as diabetic foot red all complications this presents itself in the form of urinary tract infections gastrointestinal complications this includes constipation diarrhea and gastroparesis with gastric dyspepsia genital urinary complications importance may happen due to a poor blood flow in men in women valve original infections and dyspareunia are also common cell damage glucose alcohol accumulation within the cells causes osmotic damage leading to cell injury that efforts nerves kidneys lens and blood vessels how to cure diabetes diabetes is a disease in which your blood glucose or blood sugar levels are too high glucose comes from the foods you eat insulin is a hormone that helps the glucose get into your cells to give them energy with type 1 diabetes your body does not make insulin with type 2 diabetes the more common type your body does not make or use insulin well without enough insulin the glucose stays in your body you can also have free diabetes this means that your blood sugar is higher than nor but not high enough to be called diabetes having pre-diabetes puts you at a higher risk of getting type 2 diabetes here are some tips to cure diabetes staying active exercise exercising in general can improve the health of diabetes patients in such a way that the disease could actually improve regular exercises will also help in reducing your weight which will have a great effect on lowering your glucose levels blood pressure and cholesterol levels add cardio into your routine aerobic exercising increases insulin sensitivity and controls body weight for obese patients to get cardio into your day try brisk walking jumping rope jogging or playing tennis ideally cardio activity will be a part of your schedule 30 minutes a day about five times a week if you wore an exercise beginner start with a rate of 5 to 10 minutes and increase it gradually walking every day can improve your health breathing thinking mood and lower your blood sugar blood pressure and anxiety levels patients with diabetes complications be sure only to start an exercise under the guidance of your physician diabetic people are advised to lose weight and to aim for an ideal body mass index that is especially true in obese patients typically afflicted by type 2 diabetes BMI is measured by the weight of the patient in kilograms divided by the height in meters squared the idle BMI is 18 point five to 25 therefore a BMI of less than eighteen point five means that you are underweight a BMI of above 25 means that you are obese here are some tips to follow to cure diabetes increase use of fruits vegetables and different types of salads you can use their juices which are full of vitamins and nutrients always avoid artificial chemical and preserved items the best way is to use the organic items the grind food such as oats millet wheat can help to regain the proper functioning of your body include healthy fats like nuts olive oils or peanut butter to your meals for rich flavor without these sugar and bad fats don't use refined carbohydrates as they are not good for health these include cookies chocolates cakes breakfast cereals and most importantly these soft drinks add good fats present in oils such as raw nuts pumpkin seed oil and olive oil the diary items are full of carbohydrates so you should never use them the white bread white rice and flour pasta are also responsible for developing the condition more severe among diabetic patients the visibles like garlic and onion are considered to be the best treatment for diabetes you


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