Recette magrets de canards / FRENCH DUCK RECIPE with mushrooms/ TERRES D’AZUR

Hello everybody today I really want to eat a duck breast and I will offer you a duck breast recipe in my own way for this recipe you will need fresh parsley peeled garlic cloves dried porcini mushrooms and you can see that they are large pieces of porcini mushrooms that we are rehydrated and by rehydrating the cep will gain 40% of weight rosemary provence confit de figon vinegar 6 spices of salt of Camargue and pepper and of course all these products you can find them on the site: wwwterres-dazur

com first step, you take small potatoes that you cut into small pieces like this you put them in a baking dish with rosemary second step, personally I do not like the fat duck I think it's a lot of fat in the stove so I'm going to take it off with a sharp knife, gently remove to keep only the meat so I finish removing the fat duck breast and especially do not throw it because it will be used to cook the ingredients and he will replace the oil or the butter you will cut small pieces and you will use it as a fat body we will add it to the potatoes to return the mushrooms as well as for cooking duck so I put two small pieces of duck breast fat in the pan two pieces are amply enough we will add ceps that have been rehydrated and you see that they are very beautiful pieces and I add garlic and parsley that I finely cut and we will cook these ingredients over medium heat for 5 minutes the mushrooms are cooked and you put them aside for the duck breast you put in the pan two small pieces of duck fat I cut my duck breast in small slices which will speed up cooking here is the cooking of the duck is finished I added cepes and persillade to heat them in the cooking juices once cooked, deglaze with the 6-spice vinegar add this juice by covering on your fillets and also on porcini mushrooms we add figon confit which will give a sweet taste to the dish confit de figon, they are white figs candied in their juice a little bit of fleur de sel from the Camargue it's ready for tasting and with that I advise you a red wine, the Domaine du Bercail bio I only have to wish you a good appetite and see you soon for a new video


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