Hurricane ? 4 Canned Tuna Recipes To Cheer You Up !

Okay, salut, It's Alex so listen I know right now many of you are facing tough situation like hurricanes, floods, earthquakes

Those are terrible times and I think that during those your relationship with food, your relationship with cooking, must be completely different So using your feedback on social media I chose to work with canned tuna simply because it has a super long shelf life and also it's a very good source of protein This challenge has two rules: the first one is no electricity; means no oven, no fridge, no microwave, no electric stove Gas stove, I guess, is okay, but very sparingly Second rule: time is limited, it has to be quick

So without further ado let's go and get the ingredients we need Quick mention this video is proudly sponsored by GlassesUSAcom, thank you guys for sending me those beauties More information at the end of this video For the record I mostly got things with a long shelf life: Tuna, tuna, tuna, mushrooms, grape leaves, tuna, tuna, nori seaweed, tuna I also bought a few, you know, fresh things like spring onions, avocado, coriander Yes, I got some fresh stuff

At the end of the day this is a video and it has to look good, but at home You can use alternatives like for example: the herbs, you could use the dried versions of them First recipe: a casse-croût Tunisien It's the real name of it Small street food You can find in the north of the castle in Tunisia, and it's super easy to make You start by making a small salad

So classically you would use a bit of tomato, which in this case will be tomato pulp, Then you would add cucumber which in this case is going to be pickled cucumber Onions Precooked potatoes, it's a first time for me, but it looks super convenient and also if you don't have access to power it's good stuff Bell peppers in this case you can definitely use pickled bell peppers Olive oil, splash of vinegar, salt, pepper Coriander, instead of taking the leaves I'm gonna use the stalks And that my friend is the cheats on a Tunisian salad Time to assemble the sandwich

We are using harissa as a spread you want a nice layer first of that garlicky, salty chili spread So it's gonna be a bold sandwich Good measure of Tunisian salad Just tuna in olive oil, a little soft boiled egg, sprinkle that with some fresh coriander So you've got a casse-croûte Tunisien the Tunisian street food sandwich It's tasting time! Sweetness, soft, then you've got massive kick from the chili paste Wow the freshness, the zing from the pickled salad Extremel! It's funny because I noticed that wherever I speak French when I taste something, it's that I'm really moved by this I feel like I'm on the street of Tunisia

Right, next, I mean I'm just gonna Second recipe: tuna steak Oh, this is a tough one If you ever had like tuna steak on the barbecue, or properly pan-seared, you know how far it's then from a can of tuna

I'm not sure it's gonna work For the first test I'm searing a piece of tuna preserved in water Smoky, caramelized, toasted flavor It's too dry It doesn't work So for the record I still want to perform another experiment as I feel like tuna preserved in oil would work better This one is not dry

Oui! I'm just gonna dredge this in the soy sauce, sugar, rice vinegar Let's just grill those I did not put it back together properly, but in fact it looks more natural If you were to serve me this at home I would be happy with it Not in the restaurant, let's be honestProbably in a very simple restaurant, it could work It smells like Japanese skewers Smokiness, sweetness, saltiness meatiness, the marinade did remove the fishiness I mean come on who would have believed that searing canned tuna would taste any good? It does! Third recipe: tuna salad rice balls This is a cheat on Japanese onigiri

So I don't have any mayo so I'm gonna do it myself You just need the yolk, teaspoon of mustard, then you want to slowly add some oil I don't have any neutral oil, so I'm gonna use olive oil There is no technique, you just have to whisk it like a maniac That little floppy thing is mayo

Salt, vinegar, spring onion, the white part of a spring onion, tiny bits of coriander as well It's always good to add an umami booster, like this fish sauce for example Oh, oui! A bit more Then comes the main ingredient

I've got some spare bits, so let's just use them You really want to break it into pieces, otherwise it's going to be too dry The juice of half a lime We, of course, need some rice Take a bit of the tuna salad and you mix it in with the rice and that is the best way ever to get sticky rice You make a ball and you slightly press it until you get a thick patty, and finally you shape it into a nice, cute little, plumpy

Triangle This is nori seaweed, so Japanese seaweed used to make Maki sushi, also Tamaki sushi, and also of course Onigiri, and that is a tuna salad onigiri I feel like it's a good cheats on onigiri

Mmmmm! So flavorful, and then you've got this long-lasting, surrounding flavor of the sea Let's have a few words about my glasses I'm sure you noticed, but I wear glasses on a daily basis and on top of sharpening my vision, it does protect my eyes big-time Flambe or any deep frying or even, you know, the onion chopping, crying situation is slightly improved when wearing glasses My sponsor GlassesUSA

com offer great prescription glasses at super interesting price without the need to go anywhere, and that's the best part because you can stay in the kitchen and thoroughly monitor your lovely bubbling stew You do as you like, that's what I do On their website they have loads of eyeglasses and sunglasses, like I got a few different pairs Because they have the whole package like free shipping, free returns, money back guarantee, warranty, everything! Do you know what? I'll just share a link in the description box down below to a great offer they have on their website if you sign up Back to cooking! Recipe number four: canned tuna ceviche This is a cheats on a Peruvian dish, which is usually made with raw sea bass A ceviche starts with lime, so in this small bowl I get the juices of two limes, half a clove of garlic, and a good thumb of ginger You don't want to have the pulp, you just want to add the juices Salt, sprigs of coriander, but finely chopped, a touch of chili paste

and that is a cheats on the Peruvian ceviche marinade which is usually called Leche de Tigre We need to slowly break this down into big flakes So that is our tuna slowly pickling Because that fish is already cooked, you can leave it in there, like, for quite a long time A common thing in a ceviche is to use sweet potato into cubes, because it makes the dish a bit more–a bit more– a bit more–bit more– I don't have any sweet potato But I think we can use regular potatoes, no problem, with just a little twist on them I'm just cutting them in little cubes like this

Salt A bit of pepper A bit of paprika Make sure they are thoroughly covered with the seasoning we just made Will it taste like sweet potato? No Will it look good in the dish? Yes You can use a spring onion like this one, I will use the green and the white part Of course biting into a big chunk of onion wouldn't be a very pleasant experience, so let's just quickly pickle them in order to remove that first bite You need to let them sit in there for about 10 to 15 minutes You want to plate this up super gently You can do a lot worse than finishing this with a bit of the Leche de Tigre

A bit more, just a bit too much You always want to put just a bit too much of the kick And that is in Nice cheats on a Peruvian ceviche with can tuna The lime is the first one, then you've got a sweetness from potato, freshness, the crunch and the flavors from the coriander leaves and the stems It's quick

It's easy It's just good! Once again, that's it I hope you enjoyed those recipes and I really hope that they will give you the right amount of inspiration, of motivation, and of affection if you enjoyed those recipes then please give it a big thumbs up, like it, and share that over all your social media you know how it work: spread it like butter especially with the one who need them the most Last, people, click subscribe cause I make a new video every week

may sound simple but I care about you people so please stay curious, but be safe Bye bye, salut


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