TOP 5 very low budget recipes – Meals under 1 Euro

BORIS SE BACK! So, the end of the month, huh? Not? Or maybe you've come across some financial pizzie? Or maybe you want to spend less money on food? And maybe you just left the basketwork and now you need help to survive with little money, without you having to kill with these fake noodles Well, Boris is here to help! So I give you five recipes and some tips about how to survive: like I am all my life

Let's start Op, pizdec So you want to save This usually refers to eating food from a beaked garden like carrots, potatoes port or this

corn, if you live in the warm end I got this in Bulgaria – a video about it is coming out soon But let's assume you do not have a baker's garden For you, today I show you some recipes I used at the faculty And I still use them

Recipe # 1: Fast noodles, non-instant Well, as you might know so far: eating instant noodles is as healthy as licking the back of your kashmir So here's a lot smaller- Sergei, please So here's a less poisonous approach To do something instant, because you need it from time to time Is it healthy? Fucking no, not healthy, fucking! That's instant food, what did you expect? But compared to instant noodles? This will in fact not kill you from the inside

Go to the shop and buy the least of the cutter you can find Make sure they are made of flour And if the box opens, the devil- Ah, okay! So you know about those soup cubes that your mom uses? Put one inside Get rid of these little nuts again and add the boiled water Or just use half a dice if you feel healthy

So, 12 pieces of these cubes for the soup it costs perhaps around 90 cents of European money or whatever currency they had One pack of cutlery: 70 cents So this means that if you buy one or both, you can do this 12 times What's the price for one cup exactly 13 cents! Let go a little while and enjoy it! Recipe # 2: Pelmeni – lots of them Have you ever wondered why a grandmother does a thousand pearls at once? That's because they're cheap

Very, very cheap! Go see my video, follow the instructions and boom! Before you figure it out, you'll have as many pearls as I do For every real glory there are not only berries and jams in the fridge, but enough pearls to survive the whole month Or a week, in my case Look at that! Forget money, this is a real Slavic currency Tip # 1: Do not be debilitated, drink water along with meals

Important advice number 1: Drink water! A lot of water! Basic information, I know If tap water is drinking – drink it And if not, then use one of these filtering devices It's been years There is no place in the Slavic budget for some sort of Western sugar water

So, make your own or do not even drink! If you are one of those people who can not drink the water, Just put in the juice and it's almost over! The juice is cheap and the water from the pipe is essentially free Six glasses of water a day is all you need Recipe # 3: Rice (with supplements) – or whatever is cheaper Buy whatever is cheap where you live Here are buckwheat and rice

Helio is very healthy and good for you, but rice is usually cheaper than it is Large pack of rice is about 50 cents And from each package you can get about 8 servings Top Tips Uncle Boris: buy frozen minced meat It takes a lot of time to get corrupted and if you put it in small pieces – -some skills

then you are not obliged to eat all at once See? This is all you need! Minced meat: about 2 euros 1/5 of that is 40 cents Turn some carrots into your recipe so you do not die 1 kilogram of carrot: 35 cents

What makes this very cheap! Put the rice to cook Freeze your minced meat Arrange some orange sticks Add carrot meat When the rice is finished and add it to the mix

Bake until carrots soften Remove the bowl with the Laurel leaves You can actually extract these and use them again later Add salt and pepper to taste And that's all you need

Once carrots soften, just go ahead and enjoy it! Immediately out of the pans if you like Price of the whole share: 53 cents Good luck! Recipe # 4: Slavic potato mix – Boris specialty This is my favorite here You're going out of the pond

Choose a good tavern Clean a byp One in which your ingredients do not fall Small tavern, if you cook for one Or if you're in charge of a major Slavic chef, as I was during a fax

As you can imagine, I was the guy to whom they all gave their money and then I cooked for 5 people Not a problem! Boris's top advice: if you are an impulsive buyer and you do not have self-control, then make the lazy friends go shopping And tell them to buy food for the whole week And give them money, I guess I know this does not sound as attractive as that spontaneous dinner or lunch, but your wallet will be very happy Add about 5, maybe 6 small potatoes Add some edible oil And leave the potatoes to boil

At the same time, cut a bow If it's out of a canopy garden, even better Feel free to seek out help if you have problems with the bow Because Mummy always says: "What is the use of the tool if you do not use it?" To the kid, this is great! It's time for garlic! Cut the garlic to a small amount You do not need much, two garlic pieces are enough

And during this time you should enough to excite the potatoes so they are good and warm Remember the lid! Because you'll need a cover! As you can see, potatoes in the pan Not only are they fried, they are already boiling on pairs O pizdec! Now add the ingredients and lower the temperature Because in fact you do not want these bows and garlic to burn, but you want to slowly cook, with potatoes Of course, do not forget to add salt and pepper to your Slavic taste

But the point of the story is that you do not need some sort of a nice cocktail mix of spices You only need basic spices Because it's simple food And simple food is the best food! So, you cook Boris's specialty while the potatoes are not softened and cooked If you use some Slavic miracle to have egg chickens, or something similar in the fridge, feel free to add to taste, if you like

But I will not This is not a fancy kitchen in the restaurant, this is Boris's specialty! If you have never tried to cook such a combination, I recommend you try Even if you are not poor or you live in support of Patreon But comrades, remember It is not a proper Slavic dish until the mayonnaise is put inside

This is Winiary mayonnaise, sent to the postal address, for Boris, from fans, with love <3 Thank you very much! If you would like to send something, see description of this video There are instructions Video about fans arrives shortly but for now Mmmm Boris, you did it again! Total share price: 31 cent

With some remnants for later So try and enjoy! Recipe # 5: Juicy uncle Vanye – or "Soup and Story" So there is a story about uncle Vanyi He did not know how to cook In fact, he did not even know how to cook Throughout his life, Mom cooked for him

But one day, Mom did not feel good, Mom was sick and lying in bed And she said to her only son: "Vanya, you have to cook meals" But you see, Vanya did not know anything to cook So he went to the kitchen, found some beans, put them in a pot, put some water over and left to cook So once the beans began to boil, Vanya came back and said, "Mom!" "I made a soup!" But Mom said, "Just beans? No, no, it's not a real soup

" But Vanya wanted to help, so she came back And he remembered the carrots were ready in the garden so he put them in Mom returned, but Mom said, "No, no, this is not a soup" Mom cooked all these years for Vanyu, so he knows exactly what is best, but the overwhelming amount is to help So he came back, found some potatoes in the house

He cried them, pushed in, without knowing what he was doing But this time when Mom came back, she was asleep But instead of being awake, it has begun to add new ingredients Things he found in the kitchen, like the harbor And he put it in a big pot too

But he did not stop there! He went to the garden and found a fresh peas Well, these are not fresh, but again Some lobster leaf and salt for taste

And after a few hours of cooking, Mom woke up and realized that the house did not burn, but to spread the fine smell of soup And of course, a large bowl of soup, too So the lesson of the story is that you can put almost everything in the soup, stir it all and still have a good taste Apparently random things that should not have an impact Actually they can make the perfect food for a hungry stomach Also, it's a good story to apologize while you wait for food to cook

So, in conclusion and after some calculations, This soup pot will cost you about 71 cents All the recipes are in the description Enjoy! More tips: the basics of survival – I did not know what to write here, so I'll say "the devil" Tip # 1: Pickled cucumbers If they are cheap, buy them Maybe your mother sends you

then keep them They last long enough and are great for "killing" hunger The following seeds are – buy them unresolved and in the largest package you can find For when hard times come, You can eat only seeds all day Or if you are eating habits, these are perfect for you

Next! No, it's not vodka Have stock of some nuts Something you can find at a very cheap price Like, for example, this uncooked peanuts Good for snacks and keep your stomach busy

For myself, I'm the end of the month Okay, if your grandmother has a garden, then these are actually free But even in the store, apples are very cheap So, remember: an apple a day leaves the end of the month out So, the last tip of Boris's top advice: Drink lots of tea with honey

Are you obsessive cavalry? Fucking shit! Quit if you can Honey tea is better for you Much cheaper And that's for today Thank you for watching

I hope this will help Save this video, maybe you can send it to someone who goes through financial problems Or to someone who began to be a student Perhaps they also want to try the Slavic way of life This was Boris

Stay cheeky breek! And I'll see you next time!


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