Recette de poulet aux morilles / FRENCH RECIPE CHICKEN MORELS/ TERRES D’AZUR

Hello everyone today a new recipe on the youtube chain azure lands with sauteed chicken and morel sauce for this recipe you will need dried morels which you will find on the site http://terres-dazurcom you soak them for an hour and rinse them well you need liquid cream chopped shallots of a knob of butter 10 cl of dry white wine and a little flour and of course sliced ​​chicken breast you will start by preparing the morel sauce you melt the butter in a saucepan low heat and you add the shallots make them blond while waiting to incorporate the morels here are the shallots are well back and you add the morels lower the fire very soft and you make it come back for 5 minutes after 5 minutes of cooking, add the white wine and you let the wine evaporate increase a little fire and you add the liquid cream and you will simmer for 10 minutes over very low heat while your sauce gently simmers in a pan, put some oil and you're going to sauté your sliced ​​chicken over medium heat the chicken slices are finished and you see the beautiful color they took when cooking and the morel sauce is finished you see that it is quite thick and so, just now I told you that you will need flour but it's just in case your sauce is too liquid and the flour is used to thicken the sauce now we will set the plate you put the chopped chicken on the plate accompanied by mashed potatoes and you put your chicken in the morel sauce Here you have seen this recipe is very simple and very quick to do

with this dish, I recommend a white wine from Provence an aoc coast of provence-frejus a 'chateau Paquette' vintage 2017 forum julii Well, I only have to wish you a good appetite, a good week and see you soon on our youtube channel


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