Roast Chicken Recipe – How to Cook a Whole Chicken

chef buck here and today we're going to roast up a chicken check this out normally ten buckslike half price we're getting this for a five bucks so this is almost a five-pound bird and it's going to taste great because we're going to cook it up with a lot of vegetables and we're going to make it one giant meal cook it all together so it's actually going to be quite easy but you're going to get this whole chicken home and then just going to assault with your knife and then free it from the confines of the packaging there we got our whole bird and it's going to get a little surprise in here pretend that didn't happen thats the gizzards the giblets but we're not going to do anything with that when I was a kid my mother used to cook all that stuff up and my dad would eat the heart and the liver and the gizzard we're going to give it a little wash down here real quick sometimes you'll find there being little feather quills still stuck to it we're just going to give it a quick little wash like that and then we're going to Pat it down so that it's nice and dry dry the bird off really well so that our seasonings and our butter is going to stick to it a little bit now I got some butter that I softened up in the stove so it'll be easier to put this butter on the chicken since it's been melted so I'm just going to pour this over there give it a little rub all around work that butter in everywhere you definitely want the skin on here because that's going to crisp up in the oven that's going to be a nice flavor really it's going to taste great in the oven after it's roasted for a while

we're going to salt it up I got a mixture of salt and pepper here and we're going to be very generous with it first thing I'm going to do is open up the cavity and put a lot of salt and pepper in there love the seasoning don't be shy with it and you can put whatever kind of seasonings you like I'm going to keep it kind of simple you could just use salt and pepper I'm going to throw some garlic powder on here too there's going to be a very garlicky dish I havet two and a half whole bulbs broken into the individual cloves we're going to go ahead and stuff our bird little bit of onion here and throw in

just give this stuff a rough chop then cut an entire lemon in half throw half the lemon in here cram it jam it in there we're going to take some onion throw in there and then I'm going to throw some garlic cloves in there and then I'm going to take this other half on lemon and put that on the end we got this thing jammed packed full of lemon and garlic now i'm going to go ahead and truss these legs up with a little cotton twine so you just want to secure him up like that just like a victim in the saw movies but if you've never seen Saw you'll still be able to do this so there we have it all tied up i'm going to go ahead and set on a plate over here just for a few moments i'm going to put a few more things in this pan here because we're going to make this a complete meal and i'm just going to give these vegetables up a nice rough chop we're going to have big pieces because it's gonna roast for quite a while but these vegetables are going to keep the chicken off the bottom of the pan and they're going to catch a lot of flavors off the chicken and they're going to roast with the chicken it's going to keep everything nice and moist it's going to add a lot of flavor alright so we got a bunch of onion the rest of my garlic I got some parsnip I love the flavor of parsnip and I got some carrot big pieces

we're going to be roasting this maybe an hour and a half I got all kind of uniform size potatoes you know they're about the size of a golf ball with a big ego I'm just going to cut them in half and you can add some pepper if you want I'm not going to work too hard at this here so I'm throwing big chunks in here now I got butter all over the chicken so that's going to help the chicken to brown up give it a nice color flavor but I'm going to put some olive oil in here you know all over these vegetables pretty generous with it oops I forgot to put rosemary inside the chicken but that's okay lots of rosemary and I like to chop the rosemary up that's fresh fresh fresh rosemary so you can get that flavor everywhere throughout everything and then the little pieces you know they're pleasant to eat so we'll throw some seasoning on here I'm going to put some garlic powder I'm going to put some more salt in here quite a little bit more pepper then I'm just going to mix this all up with my hand we had a little bit of butter on the bottom of the pan from when we had the chicken here but all that olive oil that i added I'm going to go ahead and and run it around the pan here in these vegetables get everything nice and coated so we got everything coated and seasoning and olive oil run this around here and get some of this off of my hands onto the bird I almost forgot I'm gonna put some paprika in there and like I said you can put any kind of seasonings you want put some on the bird too just for the heck of it for color it's going to have plenty of color already once we roast it and that butter starts to cook on there it's going to have plenty of color and we're going to take our bird then we'll slide are our wings just kind of fold them under here as best you can that's one of the reasons not to take the wingtips off she's all ready to go we got our wings tucked under there we got our legs trussed up that keeps it close to the body so that cooks evenly we got a whole mess of potatoes and onions and carrots and parsnips and garlic under there so when we pull this out of the oven it's going to be a complete meal I got my oven preheated to 425 degrees let it cook for about an hour and a half you know that's a high cooking temperature but you know we're going to get a nice crispy skin nice golden color on the outside so that's it for the cooking time Oh Oh smells so good looks kind of perfect oh wow whoo all right nice and golden brown and looking lovely as we put that butter on there cook did it kind of a high temperature so it's got a great color mix up my bedding is here together a little bit but I'm going to go ahead and move this move this bird off of here I'm just going to leave it alone but you don't want to cut it right now you it's full of juice and if you slice it right now the juice is just going to run away now if you wanted to check to see if it was done you could take a thermometer and poke it in there between the leg and a thigh you know and check the temperature there around 165 170 something like that you could have cooked it with a thermometer in there if you wanted to and you can even slice it and check to see if the juices run clear and that's how you know it's done give it time to rest so you're not wasting all that flavor now we've got flavor here in the bottom of this pan with these veggies but I'm going to go ahead and run a spatula on the bottom of the pan and loosen up any of these veggies cooked on the bottom of the pan they roasted it in that chicken juice and all that garlic and these are just terrific flavors and I didn't cut the potatoes up into two smaller pieces you can see how super soft they are so that's why you don't want to cut up your veggies and potatoes too small i'll go ahead and cut this at one so we free the legs twine off of here go ahead and pull my lemon out I'm going to go ahead and spoon the garlic and onion and stuff that I stuff in here so I could mix up with these other veggies so I can smell the lemon juice that I have in there I'll go ahead and let that run out so I can mix with my veggies

the stuff I stuffed in there now that all that flavor will have permeated inside the chicken and also help to keep it moist so that's just more flavor flav great color we've got a great side dish already cooked up to go with itthere you have it super easy roasted chicken recipe if you want to print the recipe go to my myfoodchannel dot com links to everything down below


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