Recreating Youtuber Recipes: Pepper Steak

As some of you may know, we've been making changes to our channel improving things so that we can bring higher quality In the middle of all this I came across a youtuber who was using a crock-pot pepper steak recipe What?!? I had to have it I just did

So here is the recipe that Nicole Burgess used on her YouTube channel for her foodie Friday recently After three different store trips, I think we got ingredients that were as close to hers as possible orange cauliflower? broccoliflower? What is this witchcraft? We grabbed yellow bell peppers instead of red But personally I think they're all good Okay, if you're making this recipe with your boyfriend Take note They may not put all the ingredients in the right order and They may just love to throw the vegetables from as far away as possible Like they're shooting hoops or something if you have pain in your hands like I do I highly suggest getting the pre-cut strips of steak as well as pre-cut bell peppers you may find a seasoning blend that has At least chopped bell peppers of different kinds as well as onions together You don't have to be disabled for any of these tips Maybe you're just in a hurry after work That's fine, too After you add your one and a half cups of beef stock or broth Now the stock will be richer Along with at least three tablespoons of soy sauce

I recommend the low-sodium Jason makes sure to give it a good stir with his hand But that's good, too It was really all about spending time together Cooking and also about saving money since we eat out quite a bit Most of us are used to a lot of liquids covering our food in the crock pot This is not going to look like that So you may think it needs more broth But really what it's going to do is Give you less flavor So don't be concerned just go with it Trust it The end result did turn out to be a little bland for us so we added a little extra soy sauce to our plates and a secret ingredient of ours drum roll, please *drumroll* Tony Chachere's and If you are from, Louisiana You should have some Tony Chachere's on your shelf We use it and just about everything I recommend the low-sodium version This definitely needed some cornstarch to thicken it even with the rice that came out far too thin We really enjoyed recreating this dish The link to Nicole's Foodie Friday version is in the description box

I want to give a special thanks to Mythos from Comic Mask for helping with the editing of this video His link will be down in the description Go check him out


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