‘Pressure Cooker Sunday Gravy’ Recipe from Nom Nom Paleo

So this is sunday gravy, so it is your classic Italian American dish we imagined by your favorite Chinese American paleo cook Basically all you do is you throw in all the ingredients into the pressure cooker But it's high in protein and it's got Italian sausage and flank steak and pork country ribs And you cook it under high pressure for 50 minutes But that whole time you can walk away you can program it while you're sleeping You can program it before you take your kids to soccer practice like it's so basically This is for No offense freezing this term, but people who can be idiotic in the kitchen can even figure out how to use this right yes but with great power comes great responsibility But having not used this yet I Want them to have this great power, but I want to do it responsibly right and I think sometimes It's a little complicated like everyone who knows how to use it is so excited and they tell people and people buy it and they leave it in the box because like I don't know how to use it but That's why in my books and on my blog I have step-by-step Pictures for every single recipe and so I will tell you here press this button put these in here step 2 press this button This is what it looks like like so it

What's your cell phone? And then these are tell us about the noodles because I'm so impressed now these are cooked over zucchini Noodles all it is is its spiralized zucchini You don't even have to cook them because the warm sauce will you know make them tender? And they'll be al dente just like pasta dr Bara Yeah, what is it? And what's so great about this size? Are you incredible? Oh? Thank you? Yeah, I think what's really nice Is that the flavors have really seeped through everything I think that's what the pressure doesn't Drive said all the way through the bite It's so good You


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