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Hello everyone Today I am going to make meatballs in three different ways

In Microwave Oven in Baking Oven and In Fry pan Kindly watch this easy meatballs recipes till end I took two slices of brown bread and cut the corners of them Tore into small pieces if chopper avail chops them chop is an easy and better way You can use bread crumbs or white bread instead of brown bread Now I add one tablespoon milk in it Knead it completely as it becomes gluten free Take soft bread as the dough should be soft and gluten free meatballs would be soft and make easily as the dough would be soft Meatballs shred is a common problem, but when you add bread meatballs doesn’t shred Put one egg because egg is a very healthy diet Put one teaspoon of salt One tablespoon of Black ground pepper Now beat it well as all the spices as salt and black pepper ground easily mix well Mix the one tablespoon of milk in it for easy mixing and better result Take dry beef mince without water and without fat This thinking is very common that if there is no fat in the meatballs they will shred and not remain meatballs till end but this is not true For cholesterol free meatballs I took mince without fat and add bread in it So the meatballs easily remain in shape and will not shred Add one Tablespoon finely chopped green coriander You can add parsley instead of fresh green coriander I am adding one tablespoon of fresh garlic paste in it you can add garlic powder instead of it Now mix all ingredients well To start this dough feels thin, but after some kneading this dough would be thick and smooth I am very careful about my every recipe that recipe should be very tasty as well as healthy too Just not add the fat in this recipe a big level of cholesterol has been out and it is almost cholesterol free meatballs recipes now Dough is ready now and now I put it in fridge for fifteen minutes Fifteen minutes are done due to refrigerate it all spices tastes are in minced now and all dough is perfect Due to the cool temperature meatballs make easily For easy meatballs take one tablespoon dough and press it first, then round it and give the round shape I prepared all meatballs Now I prepare the meatballs in three 3 different ways I will bake some meatballs in baking oven and bake some meatballs in Microwave Oven and the rest of the amount I will fry I will share one easy tip here as I took a normal spray bottle and put the Olive Oil in it If Oil Spray bottle does not avail from a market just take an empty spray bottle and use it Due to this bottle you can oil easily and it is easier than oil from the brush First spray some olive oil, then put the meatballs in baking tray and then spray some olive oil on it Must put the butter paper on the plate as without the butter paper there will be marked on plate and plate will be destroyed My plate also destroyed when I did experiment for the first time Bake these meatballs in pre-heated 250 degree oven Now I will put the meatballs in Microwave Oven keep the heath medium low and put the meatballs for 7 minutes During this I will fry the rest of meatballs amount 2 tablespoons are enough for frying the meatballs If your pan is not a non-stick pan, then be careful as these meatballs sticky Do not shake them much during the fry

Meatballs have been fried Meatballs have been baked too And the meatballs in the Microwave Oven are ready too This is a very tasty recipe I am dishing them out Kindly do not go anywhere as I will cut them and show you which meatballs are the best in them Fried meatballs are juicy and little bit soft, watch this one These are our baked meatballs

These are lower in oil as compared to frying and a little bit dried than fry These meatballs are prepared in Microwave Oven These meatballs are almost become oil free and much dry than both Kindly must comment which meatballs did you like more in this healthy easy meatballs recipes See you soon with the next healthy easy recipe Bye bye


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