Plum Juice | Easy Healthy Recipes | Aloo Bukharay ka Sharbat

Today I will share plum juice recipe This is an Easy Healthy Recipes of Plum Juice For plum juice I cut the fresh plum into slices I always prefer fruits with exocarp or skin because skin has its own health benefits You can peel plum for juice I am not going to boil these plum for juice because vitamins are destroyed due to boil or heating I took a glass of water for juice, but I will not add all but add a little almost a cup You may add more water if you like I am using Pink Himalayan Salt

In juices Pink Salt tastes good, but you can add Black Salt instead of Pink Salt I took one 1 Tablespoon of Brown Sugar you can may add white sugar in place of Brown Sugar But the taste of Brown Sugar is so good and it is healthier than white sugar due to minimum processed these are healthier than unhealthy artificial juices which are preserved with chemicals If we make easy healthy recipes like this plum juice and give natural and healthy drinks to kids after come back to school, I add Pink Himalayan Salt almost ¾ Teaspoon This Plum Juice is tastier than artificial juice bottles and cold drinks I added health benefits in the description kindly read the description too Finally, our easiest healthy recipes are ready now Here is our Plum juice Kindly LIKE SHARE and COMMENT for your desired Easy Healthy Recipe Bye Bye


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