Mango Cardamom with Fresh Whipped Cream – Indian Food Recipe

Mango & Cardamon with Fresh Whipped Cream Peel and Deseed 2 Large Mangoes/ 4 Medium-Sized Mangoes Cut 1 Mango into Cubes Cut the other Mango into Smaller Chunks Purée the Mango Chunks with the Liquidizer Attachment Place Mango Cubes into a Smaller Bowl Add 50g of Icing Sugar Coat Mango Cubes with Icing Sugar evenly Scoop Mango purée into Small Glasses Add Mango Cubes on top of the Mango purée Deshell the Green Cardamom Pods Grind the Seeds into Powder with Universal Cutter Attachment Juice 2 Large Limes Add the 4 Tablespoons of Dark Rum to the Lime Juice Then add Powered Cardamom Seeds Set the Mixture aside Pour 400ml of Whipping Cream into the Bowl Attachment Whip the Cream using the Whisk Attachment Then add the Mixture with Lime Juice, Cardamom and Rum Scoop a Dollop of Cream onto the Mango Cubes Top them off with Lime Zest


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