Palak Paneer (Creamed Spinach) with Cheese – Indian Food Recipe

Creamed Spinach with Paneer Cheese Add 50g of Butter to a Heated Pan Add 1 Crushed Garlic Clove 5g of Grated Ginger 2 Tablespoons of Garam Masala Fry for 2-3 Minutes Add 200g of Cubed Paneer Cheese Sear till Cheese turns Golden Brown Add 200g of Baby Spinach Stir till the Spinach wilts Pour 400ml of Fresh Whipping Cream into the Pan Let the Mixture Simmer Season with Pepper once the Liquid has Reduced Then add Salt Next, using the MaxoMixx Hand Blender Blend the Mixture till it turns into Purée Then Garnish with Chopped Coriander Leaves Serve as a Side Dish or Dip


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