Leftover Turkey Sandwich Recipe

– Hey everybody, I'm chef Tom with All Things Barbecue, and today we're making a leftover Thanksgiving turkey sandwich inspired by the TV show Friends (water splashing) (water dripping) Alright, for anyone that's familiar with the show Friends, you know that Ross Geller is particularly fond of this Thanksgiving leftover sandwich that his sister Monica makes for him every year

It's essentially just a hodgepodge of leftover Thanksgiving ingredients, right, but it has this secret ingredient: an extra slice of bread that's been soaked in gravy and goes right in the middle of that sandwich He calls it The Moist Maker, which, not the most appetizing name, right? But, it's a fantastic concept for a sandwich, so we're gonna jump into that today Of course I couldn't just make a leftover sandwich for you guys and call it a recipe, so we're also going to dive into something that I call a cranberry orange relish It's essentially a play on your classic cranberry sauce that you have at Thanksgiving time To start on our cranberry orange relish, we're gonna put a quarter cup of water into a hot skillet, along with a couple tablespoons of orange juice

And a quarter cup of white sugar So we'll just stir this around, we wanna dissolve the sugar and bring this to a boil And once we get this thing to boil, and that sugar is melting, we're gonna add six ounces of fresh cranberries Also gonna throw a stick of cinnamon in there And we'll let this come up to temperature, and this is gonna cook for probably five to 10 minutes, until these cranberries start to burst, and really reduce down

In the meantime, we can work on the orange part of our cranberry orange relish, which is going to include a tablespoon of orange zest Already getting the aroma of all three of the flavoring agents here, the cranberry, the orange and the cinnamon stick, and it smells amazing Next I'm gonna cut some segments out of this orange here, take the top and bottom off And then work that rind off of there Alright we get rid of all the white stuff, the pith, and then you'll see the lines in here, that separate the different segments of orange, so we're not gonna cut these lines out, but we're gonna try to get the flesh in between the lines

You wanna go right along the side of that, down to the center, and then come in from the other side, and then you get this orange segment with none of that pith in there Now you can see it's all gelatinous at this point, a lot of that moisture's cooked out, this is when we wanna add the remaining ingredients, so I'm gonna throw my orange segments in now, a tablespoon of orange zest We got a tablespoon of Grand Marnier, and one teaspoon of red wine vinegar Oh, super aromatic now Now let's just give this a couple more minutes to kinda break down, get a really nice consistency out of it Then we can transfer it to the refrigerator

Alright, that's looking just about perfect So I'm gonna fish this cinnamon stick out of here, and we're gonna put this in the fridge to cool down In addition to that cranberry orange relish, our sandwich is also going to feature some leftover turkey from our spatchcock turkey video, as well as the stuffing from that video Now we also made a turkey stock in that spatchcock video, and today we're gonna turn that stock into turkey gravy Start off with a quarter cup of unsalted butter

When we get that melted, we'll add a quarter cup all purpose flour And you wanna stay on top of whisking this Keep it moving, don't let it scorch And over medium to medium low heat, you wanna lightly toast the roux until it becomes aromatic and kind of nutty Still has a very raw smell to it, so we'll know that it needs to go a little bit longer

Alright, it's starting to take on that nutty toasted aroma, the color's just slightly darkening, so at this point we're ready to add some warm turkey stock We're gonna do this slowly, and continue to whisk as we do, you'll see it thickens very quickly Alright, we thinned that out, but it's going to thicken up again as it warms up I'm just gonna add some black pepper, and allow that flavor to kind of bloom as it warms up That tastes like turkey

Just needs a little bit of salt, I'm gonna add some of our smoked salt to it But this is a really simple turkey gravy, let the stock do the talking, we put a lot of work into that stock Alright I'm just slicing up our Italian boule here, you guys use your favorite bread, whatever you like, something hearty that can stand up to all these ingredients, though I'm ready to put this sandwich together, and since there's no real recipe for what this sandwich consists of in the show, I get to do whatever I want, which is great So let's jump in and do it

Alright, I feel like this bottom layer, we're gonna start with a little bit of mayo So this of course creates a little bit of moisture barrier, and also, food lube, it's delicious We hit this with some of our sausage stuffing, if this thing didn't have enough carbs already, now it will for sure And then we'll do some of our dark meat Alright, now for the moist maker

Then we're gonna put some white meat on top of the moist maker Add a little sweet to our savory with the cranberry orange relish Almost like a gastrique the way it's sort of sweet and sour and tart all at the same time And then one last thing, I think it'd be really good if we add just a little bit of brie to this top slice of bread It's a monster

If there's one last thing we can do to this, to make it even better, it's to toast it up on the grill Alright, I'm gonna get some butter down on the griddle here, we're cooking on the Weber griddle, this is inside the Yoder Smokers YS640 I've got this thing running at 350, and we removed the door on the defuser to get some direct heat on the griddle As you can see, it's not too hot, 350's just about right Alright, that color's coming slowly, but that's the best way to handle it when you're toasting something, you don't wanna go too fast and scorch

Alright, I'm gonna carefully get in here, see if I can suplex this beast to toast the other side Boom, success Lost a little bit of cranberry sauce there, but that's alright Alright, we got this thing toasted, so let's slice it open and take a look Oh, nice, look at that steam coming off of there

Guys, I'm pretty sure there's no pretty way for me to do this, so bear with me, I gotta taste it Woo! This is a fantastic explosion of flavors You wouldn't expect the cranberry to work with the gravy or everything else, but it totally does I know this is just kind of a crazy sandwich, but it actually tastes really good, and the brie, I think the brie really makes it Even just some brie and some cranberry sauce alone, that would be fantastic

Thanks so much for watching, I know there's like a thousand ways to eat your leftover Thanksgiving food, right, but if you wanna get creative with it, I think that Ross and Monica really have you covered here So if you enjoyed the video, please hit that subscribe button, if you have any questions or comments, or there's anything you'd like to see us cook, let me know in the comments section down below, and happy holidays For more recipes, tips and techniques, head over to thesauceatbbqcom

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