Diabetic Recipes For Control Diabetes – Cooking Recipes For Diabetics

Diabetic Recipes For Control Diabetes – Cooking Recipes For Diabetics I never knew how much I love my left foot until the doctor told me he had to cut it off Gary he muttered staring at a hole in the tile over my shoulder instead of looking me in the eye We're gonna have to amputate now We're gonna have to do it soon His words hit me like a sledgehammer to the side of the head I felt nauseous dizzy Angry, I saw dr

Meters lips moving spitting out medical jargon saying how far my diabetes had progressed But all I could hear was the high-pitched buzz of a surgical saw and all I could smell was metal on bone I knew if I opened my mouth I'd scream or cry or try to make some stupid joke or bitch out this dr Young enough to be my kid So I didn't say a damn word I slid off the table and felt egg and he shoot up my leg I Grabbed the cane I hated it was like a shiny neon sign telling the whole world that I was sick that I was broken that Something was wrong with me as a limp past the front desk to the elevator I felt embarrassed ashamed and most of all Angry furious because it was all my fault My beautiful wife and daughter had begged me to take better care of myself for years, and I knew they were right But I just felt hopeless paralyzed Stuck in my ways After 58 years of doing things my way I felt like an old dog suddenly being asked to do backflips I mean, I knew I shouldn't eat candy that the sugar was poisoned for a diabetic but I guess I was an addict Because I still kept the secret stash of peanut M&Ms stuffed in a drawer in my desk at work where my wife couldn't find them And I felt a tingle from my head to my toes every time I shoved a handful into my mouth I knew I was supposed to get off my butt and exercise but the couple of times I went to the gym I can feel the muscle heads and a supermodel wannabes laughing at the clumsy sweaty fat old guy Who couldn't even do a single pushup? I listened to the throbbing pain in my leg And I felt like a failure as a husband as a father as a man, and I felt something else too Terrible nauseating fear I mean I thought I'd lived life the right way I put on my suit every day went to the office sold insurance and did pretty well Even had something left after those bastards on Wall Street crashed the market I stayed married to the same absolutely gorgeous woman for 33 years We raised an amazingly beautiful girl I guess like a lot of guys

I felt like I was invulnerable immortal and now I was gonna lose my foot my dignity and who knows what else to this disease and no matter how much I Tried to lie to myself I knew It was all my own damn fault Suddenly I got a text from my daughter Lindsay It was a picture of her beautiful face holding up a midnight blue tuxedo the tuxedo I was supposed to walk her down the aisle and I Knew Sam was the right guy for my little girl the first time I met him He shook my hand like a man, and I could see in his eyes every time He looked at her just how much he adored my Lindsay He even asked my permission before he proposed I said yes, right away gave him a hug poured some bourbon and started thinking about grandkids Sitting there in my trunk I counted it out I realized the wedding was 11 and a half weeks away And then something in me just snapped I pounded the steering wheel screamed and cursed beg God And then I bawled my eyes out like I hadn't since my mom's funeral I'd been dreaming of walking Lindsay down the aisle and giving her away to a man who would treasure her since she was five years Old for a terrible moment I imagine the wedding day sitting in a wheelchair With a left pant leg of my midnight blue tuxedo pinned up underneath my stump Music starts I have to look up into my daughter's eyes and hold her hand while my brother Pushes me down the aisle my stomach tires itself, and I not I can't let this happen I can't let my little girl down, but I had no idea what I was gonna Do suddenly as I was driving home a suicidal deer jumped in front of my truck I slammed on my brakes and screeched to a stop just inches from the 12-point buck and stared at it until it crossed the road In that dark moment as I sat in the middle of the street heart pounding I knew I was at a crossroads a major turning point in my life And I figured I only had a couple of options to choose from Option one I could accept my doctor's advice schedule the surgery become a handicapped person Reminded every damn day of my own weakness and failure Option two I could stop feeling so powerless and take control I could try to get to the bottom of this diabetes thing and escape this hellhole once and for all I could stop mindlessly popping pills and find out the truth about this diabetes thing I tried to ignore for so long and maybe just maybe live a life where I could be a husband a dad and hopefully a Grandfather and that's when I made a decision that changed my life And the lives of thousands of other diabetes sufferers forever I decided I didn't care what my doctor said I Decided I wasn't gonna give up my foot or my future without a fight

I decided no matter what it took I was gonna walk down that aisle arm in arm with my daughter on her wedding day Suddenly I had a newfound purpose an inner drive Something to live for I started my truck Swung by the tuxedo place to get fitted and drove home with a weird determined smile on my face I'm embarrassed to say it, but I didn't tell my wife Lynn anything I couldn't bear to tell her the bad news and see the pain on her face plus I was bound and determined to change my future I made a pot of coffee Slipped into my study and went to work immediately I downloaded all kinds of books about diabetes on Amazon I forced myself to dig through hundreds of articles online and Sifted through the BS and recycled advice about diet and exercise and found stories of people who had Magically recovered I felt like Sherlock Holmes or something trying to piece together the pattern and that's when I realized How lied to and screwed diabetics in America actually are? In fact I discovered three devastating lies about diabetes that could cut 20 years off your life Now listen carefully what I'm about to tell you is gonna piss you off but it's important the first big lie I Discovered was the idea that Big Pharma is actually trying to help you get better They're not they want you to stay sick sick and buying their pills and falling into the trap of trying to manage your disease You see pharmaceutical companies Don't see you and me as people They see us as cash cows that they can milk money out of for the rest of our lives Did you know that once you're diagnosed with diabetes? You're Earmarked by Big Pharma in their computer system as a hot prospect and for the rest of your life They sell you drugs blood sugar monitors syringes insulin and a mountain of other garbage that funnels millions of dollars to their bottom line None of which actually helps cure your diabetes by the way this makes me so angry every time I think about it It should make you angry to think I'm blowing this out of proportion hardly get this the CDC's latest numbers reveal that 29 million people in the US have diabetes right now and the average diabetic patient spends thirteen thousand seven hundred dollars per year in health care costs Need proof this isn't just paranoid nonsense Listen to this back in 1997 a man named Irving Weissman developed a unique method for curing diabetes He actually demonstrated that he could fully cure diabetes and mice using stem cells Professor Wiseman used only adult stem cells not from embryos, so there couldn't have been any controversy yet Pharmaceutical companies refused to sponsor clinical trials now Why would they do that? Why? Would Big Pharma effectively silence a research-based treatment that could possibly have cured? Thousands of diabetes sufferers the answer is really quite simple if big pharma finds a cure for diabetes they'll have to say goodbye to the 245 billion-dollar diabetes cash cow that pours obscene profits into their pockets month after month after month So they keep pushing drugs and insulin shots to manage diabetes Because that's where the real money Now in my research I soon discovered

It wasn't just big farmer That was out to prey on diabetes sufferers It was big food manufacturers too and that led me to discover Big lie number two the lie that healthy foods are healthy for you Here's what I mean by that Did you know big commercial farming outfits get paid by the government to grow food even when it's not needed To are the biggest crops they're incentivized to grow our corn and soy Huge amounts of corn and soy are then turned into processed foods and sugary drinks Which are proven to be addictive and because of the partnership between commercial farmers and food manufacturers? It's almost impossible to find healthy choices in your grocery store even the stuff that is supposed to be healthy isn't Healthy here's a good example of that have you ever read the ingredient list on a loaf of bread Trying to find one that does not have added sugar or high fructose corn syrup It's almost impossible, and if you start reading ingredient lists You'll find the same problem with every processed all processed food items Including crackers chips and cereals even the healthy organic foods at the hippie markets often come loaded with sugar But maybe you already avoid sugar and you've done the smart thing by choosing sugar-free options I mean sugars the main problem for diabetics right eat sugar free products problem solved I made the same assumption and for years I drank diet soda and eight other sugar-free products But little did I know that I was the victim of yet another big blatant lie This third big lie was the lie that diet products are good for diabetics Here's the deal new research reveals that sugar free products may be even worse than the foods are supposed to replace That's because sugar free products are loaded with artificial sweeteners that may actually cause glucose intolerance the New York Times ran an article in September 2014 that reported the following Artificial sweeteners may disrupt the body's ability to regulate blood sugar causing metabolic changes and can be a precursor to diabetes Researchers are reporting This is what led dr Erin ellen of an immunologist at the Weizmann Institute of Science and Israel to conclude that Artificial sweeteners are causing the very same condition that we often aim to prevent all of which is Really bad news for type 2 diabetics like me who want nothing more than to get healthy again Because it seems like everywhere you turn There's a product or treatment That's supposed to help, but only makes things worse It's like there's spoon feeding us lies to keep us sick, but actually it's worse than that It's like this huge conspiracy to turn diabetics and to have functional sickos so that all the big corporations can farm us for profits for the rest of our lives Now I have to tell you the more research and digging I did the more depressed I got I was beginning to think I might not ever find a cure for my disease That I might have to face the facts and do what my doctor had told me just man up and schedule my amputation But I was not gonna give up How could I I was absolutely determined to walk at my daughter's wedding And I'd be damned if anything was gonna stop me plus if I didn't break the cycle of diabetes and my family for my grandmother to my dad to me who would this was bigger than me I Could not quit I was desperate to get fast results and saved my leg so I did something that my wife thought was just a little bit nuts I Turned myself into a human guinea pig I started trying every natural cure and crackpot theory I could find on me and what did I have to lose anyway? I was already facing the loss of my leg It couldn't possibly get much worse than that so I decided to put everything to the test in the science lab of my own body At first I was skeptical of everything, but I knew I couldn't let my skepticism stop me I tried all kinds of foods even foods

I didn't like kale cauliflower artichokes Brussels sprouts and or I tried herbs and minerals and vitamins I tried all kinds of activities that were supposed to be good for diabetics I Called up some natural paths and alternative health doctors to get their advice and the best ways to escape Diabetes I even stopped taking my diabetes medicine just to see what would happen as I did these things I made an incredible discovery the pharmaceutical companies would do anything to keep you from knowing the real cures for diabetes Aren't pills in a bottle they've been hidden in nature all along We simply haven't been told about them because there's no money in it for example Did you know there's a tasty vegetable often served with filet mignon? That's been proven to control blood sugar levels increase insulin production and curb cravings at the same time I'm not kidding I found the science that backs it up, but you never been told about this before because Big Pharma Can't charge you $500 for a fancy vegetable you can find in any grocery store But this goes way beyond diet I discovered dozens of simple things you can do to escape your diabetes in a matter of weeks Starting from day one of my experiments I wrote down everything I did and the changes I noticed Anytime something worked I made a note of it and kept on doing it anytime something didn't work I dropped it from my routine Honestly, I didn't notice the changes at first It was my wife who said something Gary you look thinner what have you been doing she asked and that's when I had a real scare One day all of a sudden my pants begin to slip off my hips I know my first thought should have been happiness that I was making progress, but I almost had a panic attack thinking I was gonna have to get remesh for my tux and That wasn't the only amazing result

I noticed my blood sugar levels dropped like a stone from 386 down to 231 in the first couple of weeks and eventually into the normal range I'd been chasing for years below 100 and these days I don't even think about my blood sugar levels even better that horrible nausea and swimmy feeling in my head I thought I'd have to live went away and hasn't come back But I never expected the best thing that happened now if you're a guy Then you know diabetes can destroy your sex life because of the lack of blood flow it can be hard to get it up if you know what I mean so anyway one night Lynn and I were getting ready for bed I started feeling frisky Next thing I know we're making passionate love like newlyweds for the first time in months It just kind of came out of nowhere Oh, not that I'm complaining or anything neither is my wife for that matter She was as pleasantly surprised as I was and just like that just by following these simple steps I was free Just like that diabetes was no longer controlling my life or even something I thought about just like that my life has been totally turned upside down in the best possible ways I haven't had this much energy since my early 20s not to mention my weight has dropped more than 40 pounds and The persistent cravings I used to have are flat-out gone oh And when I went in for my checkup my doctor looked at me with gobsmacked shock and told me I could keep my leg I'm sure you can imagine how that felt the happiness the pride the relief and Just like that It was Lindsay's wedding day my tux was a little loose But I made it work the important thing was I was there and I was walking on two legs I didn't even need a cane anymore I tossed it in the garage

It was part of my old sick life the life I had just escaped from and was never going back to and there I was standing arm and arm with my daughter outside the doors of the church sanctuary I looked down into her eyes I Love you I said she looked up at me with a smile I felt all through my bones I love you too dad She said the Bridal Chorus began the doors open and my daughter, and I walked down the aisle together The minister turned to me and asked who gives this woman's hand in marriage her mother and I and then I gave my daughter away to Sam the moment was beautiful and perfect and Everything I had dreamed it would be and it made all my suffering and Struggling and striving worth it I felt such a sense of accomplishment and joy and satisfaction in that moment I had fought diabetes And I had won During the wedding reception an old friend came up to me his name was Roger he had type 2 Diabetes Gary what the heck have you been doing you look great? I smiled somebody besides my wife had finally noticed, so I told them about the journey I had been on the same journey I've been telling you about He got really excited especially when I told him about the instant blood flow booster And how it had totally resurrected my sex life He got even more excited when I told them about the cheap foods I was still eating Well after I talked to Roger I kind of forgot about it until all of a sudden people I didn't know we're emailing me Turns out the advice I've given Roger had worked for him too, and now he was blabbing all about it on some forum online He even posted my email address pretty soon I was getting all kinds of questions from people it quickly got to the point where I couldn't answer all of them That's when I knew I simply had to share what I've learned with more people regardless of the consequences So one evening after work

I sat down and began to put stuff together I went through all the notes I'd kept everything I tried and the results I'd gotten and I begin to organize Everything and put it into a simple plan that Anybody could follow if I was going to help as many people as possible I knew I couldn't make this complicated I knew the plan had to be systematic step-by-step And easy to follow as a maze design for a four-year-old and this escape plan Had to work for people who just don't have the time or money Who only eat at Whole Foods and spend two hours a day at the gym? Diabetes is serious stuff, so I knew this system had to get up amazing results for people wherever they're at Ultimately your diabetes does not have to define you It's just a small minor part of your life, and who you really are finally after nearly a year of non-stop intensive research testing and work what I call the Diabetes escape plan was finally born the diabetes escape plan is a simple yet complete system that anybody can follow to escape diabetes and its symptoms in as little as four weeks and When you dive into this escape plan you're gonna discover secrets for escaping diabetes You won't hear anywhere else for example Did you know that there's a special chocolate proven to slash blood sugar levels starting with your very first bite Get this a recent study ranked 125 countries from the healthiest to the least healthy the US didn't even crack the top 20 But Belgium tied for third partially because of its low rate of diabetes It's no surprise then that Belgium is the world's leading maker of this special kind of anti Diabetes chocolate here's something else you'll learn about not all sugar is created equal in fact There's one form of sugar That's more dangerous than all the rest and chances, are you're consuming it every single day I'll teach you how to identify and eliminate this dangerous sugar from your diet, and I'll also show you what to replace it with One a super simple way to reduce your blood sugar Then you'll want to try the number one spicy herb that can reduce your blood sugar levels by 24 percent in just 40 days Just sprinkle a little bit of this herb on your food each day or take it in capsule form and watch your blood sugar levels Plummet it really is that simple oh? and that's not all studies show this spicy herb can also reduce cholesterol levels by 18 percent over the same time period So you're killing two birds with one stone You'll also learn about the magical fruit that reduces blood sugar levels more than twice as much as whole grains In 2012 the University of Toronto conducted a study with 121 people with type 2 diabetes One group was given whole grains daily while the other group was given the magical fruit After just three months the magical fruit group saw their average blood sugar levels fall by nearly twice As much as the whole grains group talk about exciting, then there's an inexpensive supplement That's been proven to improve insulin sensitivity by 34 percent in just 30 days Not only does this supplement improve insulin sensitivity It also reduces inflammation repairs skin and connective tissue and Decreases systolic blood pressure this inexpensive supplement is basically like a miracle drug for Diabetics without any other nasty side effects that prescription drugs have and here's the best part You can get a three-month supply on Amazon or your local grocery store for as little as fourteen dollars when you go shopping You'll also want to add these Eleven foods that heal the pancreas all eleven foods are easy to find and will fit in any grocery budget Plus they'll help you heal your pancreas and improve insulin sensitivity of course everything I've shared here is just a small sample of what you'll discover in the complete diabetes escape plan for example You'll also discover One weird ornament you hang on your hip that will almost magically help you lose weight Where this ornament and you'll practically start losing weight on? autopilot and The studies prove it the rabbit on a pole method of motivating yourself Even if you've tried and failed so many times in the past the simple exercise that melts dangerous fat off your midsection And I'm not talking about sit-ups crunches or planks this is really really easy the shot-caller method for avoiding impulse snacking and Unplanned drive-thru visits while you're out running errands how to eat at restaurants without feeding your diabetes Or feeling like one of those pain and abut people that are always asking for stuff that isn't even on the menu delicious and nutritious Foods that will make you feel fuller and more Satisfied than you used to chomping down a porterhouse steak in three beers the willpower myth Why willpower will never be enough to make lasting changes and what to do instead that? exchange fast easy and effortless the rolling snowball method of building muscle use this technique for just five minutes a day to build lean muscle and melt fat off your belly legs and butt The strange story of how Big Pharma bought off doctors and turned them into pill pushers and drug dealers This is really at the heart of why you can't trust the advice most doctors give you for treating your diabetes That is if you want to actually get better Plus discover the incredible Psychology behind thinking yourself thin and how to trick your subconscious into almost Automatically adopting the simple new habits You'll learn in the rest of the diabetes escape plan remember my number one priority was that everything in the diabetes escape plan had to work for ordinary people like you and me and My number two priority was that everything had to be super simple and not require a lot of time or money Because when I began my journey to life beyond diabetes I didn't have much time or money either Just a hell of a lot of motivation and determination So here's my promise to you if you try the diabetes escape plan today and follow the simple steps I provide you're gonna experience a noticeable drop in your blood sugar levels in the next two weeks Not only that you're going to lose weight feel more energy and start escaping from your type-2 diabetes Stick with my escape plan for the full four weeks And you're going to be able to get off of most if not all of your type-2 diabetes medication and say Goodbye to finger pricks forever plus because I want to make this as easy as possible for you I'm gonna give you these five bonus gifts free bonus gift number one the ten second sugar craving cure no willpower required just use this simple psychological trick to instantly destroy your craving for sugar in just 10 short seconds free bonus gift number two the delicious diabetes cookbook What I hate the most about having diabetes is how much the food sucks

That's why I got my wife Lynn Who is one hell of a cook to create this amazing? cookbook it's packed with delicious meals that are quick and easy to prepare and Don't worry If you're totally useless in the kitchen because at least half of the recipes take less than 15 minutes to prepare even by a culinary Idiot like me and to make it even easier for you each recipe includes a printable shopping checklist Just print it out, and you'll know exactly What to get while you're at the grocery store bonus gift number three how to tell when your doctor is lying to you the vast majority of doctors are firmly in the hip pockets of Big Pharma Here's how to separate the good guys from the bad guys bonus gift number four how to move forward when your doctor delivers bad news When my doctor first told me I might have to get my leg amputated I was devastated It would have been easy for me to give up and just resign myself to the outcome my doctor had decided for me in fact That's what most people do that's because many people don't know how to handle bad news They just go to a dark place and never come out with that in mind Use the simple techniques in this bonus gift to find hope and courage and keep pushing forward It could make all the difference in your fight to beat diabetes free bonus gift number five that couch potato weight loss workout I still remember the old days when I was totally out of shape I couldn't even do a single push-up It was just impossible for me a lot of men and women are just like I was too out of shape to do much of Anything and too embarrassed even set foot in the gym So I put together a super easy Workout that anybody can do even if you're a couch potato who watches six hours of TV a day You can literally start with just five minutes a day, and you can do it right where you normally sit? Don't even have to stand up or put on gym clothes Just do a handful of simple movements and you're done, but you'll be amazed by how quickly you notice changes And how quickly your arms and legs begin to feel toned this program alone Which I spent months perfecting is worth the cost of entry all by itself So if you were throwing numbers at a wall how much would you? Expect to pay to be free from diabetes forever a basic checkup with your doctor can cost $200 or more even with the very best Insurance still talking about a thirty to fifty dollar copay And how many times a year are you seeing your doctor for your diabetes four times? Six times more of course the money you spend on doctor visits is just the tip of the diabetes iceberg There's a good chance you're also spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year on prescription medications and treatments that do nothing more than Manage your diabetes if you do the math it's pretty obvious your diabetes is already costing you thousands of dollars a year And you're not making any progress if anything it's getting worse and how much have you spent on miracle cures that didn't even work? You know quite frankly there's a lot of BS out there, and it's hard not to step in some of it I know I did which is why I'm so dedicated and making the diabetes escape plan so affordable You'll feel like you're ripping me off by getting it Let's just list out everything you're getting today the full diabetes escape plan system step-by-step Instructions so simple and so easy to follow even an eighth grader with a DD could do it the program is broken up into bite-sized Chunks that you can easily complete in five and 10 minute blocks of time Everything in the program is based on my personal journey from being on the verge of having my leg amputated to being free of all Diabetes symptoms and shockingly little time I think you'll agree getting free from your diabetes is worth at least $197 all by itself but you're also getting your 5 bonus gifts including the 10 second sugar craving cure and The couch potato weight loss workout the bonus gifts alone could be sold for 47 dollars or more each That's almost two hundred fifty dollars in bonus gifts add it up And it would be totally reasonable to charge four hundred dollars or more for this incredible life-changing program But I don't want you to pay anywhere near that I think back when I first got that Devastating news about possibly losing my leg And I remembered how emotionally broken I was I was almost hopeless I had very little money at that time and there was no way I was gonna be able to spend $400 on a program like the one I've created I know there are a lot of diabetic people out there who are just like I was virtually hopeless and living from paycheck to paycheck So I'm not going to asked you to pay $400 I'm not going to ask you to pay $200 I'm not even gonna ask you to pay a measly 100 bucks if you act today and Promise me You'll actually use my program to change your life Then you can get the complete access to the diabetes Escape plan plus all the bonus gifts for a one-time payment of just 39

95 that's a fraction of what you've spent on doctor visits medications and treatments that didn't work as promised and It's a one-time payment There's nothing else to pay ever again get the program today And you'll have full access for life the diabetes escape plan also comes with a 60 day full money back guarantee If for any reason or for no reason at all you decide the diabetes escape plan isn't a good fit for you Just contact customer support, and you'll receive a prompt and courteous refund no questions Asked I really do care about your success I want you to kick diabetes to the curb so you can start living a normal life again It's a journey I've taken myself and it's the most rewarding thing I've ever done Okay So let's wrap this up right now as you watch this you have just three options Option one do nothing keep going down the path that will end with you where I was wondering if you're going to lose a leg You can continue to pretend you aren't having those nightmares about dying young you can continue to get grumpier and sicker and stop living you can become just another victim of the Medical industrial complex option to try to figure all this out on your own you can do that if you want But you heard what I had to go through How much time it took and how close I came to failing do you really have the time? option 3 risk Absolutely nothing to invest in yourself, and your health by enrolling in the diabetes escape plan right now You'll have access to the complete online program in just two short minutes from right now And you'll begin to feel that changes within a week guaranteed People will notice it in your eyes first you seem more awake something seems different They'll say then They'll notice it in How you look? And how you move and how much more energy you have Your spouse may even be surprised when you get frisky in bed If you really think about it You know it's not a choice at all I worked hard to do everything for you So all you have to do is follow along like connecting the dots in a children's book with Absolute confidence that you're doing the right thing For you your health and for your family The only thing I can do is push the button below Enter your credit card information and dive into the program So go ahead and click the order button below and sign up for the diabetes escape plan Risk free right now My name is Gary Martin, and I can't wait to hear about your success Oh one more thing as I'm recording this video It's been just over a year since my daughter's wedding And I'm ecstatic to say that those two kids made me a grandfather and Lynn the grandmother She's always wanted to be the little boy is so beautiful And I am so grateful that I'm truly here to be a part of his life that I can carry him hold him and play with him that I'll be able to take him for bike rides and Help teach him right from wrong and that I'll be here to keep him from falling into the trap That's been laid for every red-blooded American the trap of diabetes Whether you take this step into a brighter future and better life or not I want to thank you for your time, and I pray you won't forget what you've learned here today You


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