Best Slow Cooker For The Money 2018

welcome to unmatched value today we're going to be talking about the best slow cookers for the money the way we make our selections we focus on a price we have three selections value standard and premium our value selection is the lowest you can go and price and still get a good product our standard selection is the best all around our premium selections has some extra features but you would have to pay a higher price for it you'll find our selections in the description down below along with the last date it was updated we update our selections every three months putting our selections in the description down below makes it easier for us to update it so you will get the best product all the time when we were making our selections we looked at three main things even if you're not planning on purchasing at one of our selections we would highly recommend you look at these three things when making your purchase the first thing we looked at was timer timer is a very important function in the slow cooker because usually when you cook in your slow cooker you cook for long periods of time that's the main reason why a lot of people like using a slow cooker because it's very convenient you can just put all of your ingredients in one pot turn it on and forget about it but sadly most of us always have that thought in the back of our minds that it might not be safe or we might get so busy with our date that we'll forget about it that's why a timer is a must-have in all slow cookers the second thing we looked at was how easy it is to clean nobody likes cleaning dishes especially when the dish has been cooking for multiple hours and has food residue all over it most slow cooker surfaces are not scratch resistant that's why they get scratched and damaged often and then they don't work properly that's why all of our recommendations are dishwasher safe so after cooking and eating your meal you can just pop the pot in the dishwasher and forget about it you get an easy dinner and an easy cleanup the third thing we looked at was settings a lot of slow cookers on the market have only three settings high low and keep warm that's why when you're buying a slow cooker you want to make sure that it has more than three settings because that way it won't limit you on what you want to cook it's nice when the slow cooker gives you options no matter what your preference is thank you if you supported our channel by liking commenting or subscribing if you haven't yet please go check out our selections in the description down below hopefully this video helps you out thank you for watching and we'll see you in our next video have a wonderful day


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