HEALTHY DESSERT RECIPES! Easy & Simple Healthy Desserts!

hey everyone and welcome back to my channel and welcome to new video in today's video I'm sharing with you some delicious healthy desserts that are easy to make and they're just so decadent and yummy and so so good if you haven't subscribed yet make sure to hit that red subscribe button so you don't miss any future videos from me and I'm actually including a bonus recipe in this video that I'm gonna be sharing on my Instagram so if you head over there you get another dessert and I'm gonna show you in the video but basically they're like little turtle bites filled with caramel and pecans and chocolate and they're delicious so head over there to get that recipe so let's go ahead and get into the healthy desserts so the first thing we are making are these almond butter swirl brownies they are so fudgy so I'm starting off with some sweet potato and avocado and the sweet potato adds some nice complex carbs and then the avocado adds some nice healthy fats which helps to decrease your LDL or your bad cholesterol and increase your good cholesterol so you blend those two together so we get something nice and smooth we don't want any chunks in our brownies of either avocado or sea potato so blend it until it's nice and smooth and then I'm adding in the cocoa or cacao you can use either because we're cooking it you don't need to use raw cacao but I only had raw cacao and it's full of regret antioxidants and it's good at also regulating your blood pressure I'm adding in an egg as well as the maple syrup which I find a lot of people don't know actually has a lot of trace minerals in it and also antioxidants so just stir that together until we get a nice even brownie batter it comes together really easily and I wanted to use ingredients that I thought most of you guys had at home so no weird flowers or anything like that so it's something really simple I'm adding in a little bit of vanilla extract along with some baking soda stirring that in and then I'm putting it into a 9-inch pan you can use a square one I just didn't have a square one so I'm using a round one and then you're just going to spread it evenly along the sides as you guys can see it's not a super thick batter so it spreads nice and evenly and nice and we're gonna get a nice rich fudgy brownie meat with good simple whole ingredients that are really great for you next up I melted it down with some almond butter and I'm putting some spoonfuls because this is a trick and to how to create that really nice swirl you make spoonfuls like this and then you just take a knife and you run the knife through these circles of your nut butter and you put it through the batter like this so you kind of just keep going until you're happy with your swirl you can do any kind of nut or seed butter here or you can totally leave it out but I think this really elevates the brownies and makes them extra special after you bake them at 350 for half an hour you have your wonderfully a fudgy delicious swirl brownies these are going to be so good for a sweet treat but they're loaded with such great healthy fats all right so once your brownies are done and out of the oven they are gonna be wonderfully fudgy learn more of fudge you Brown me than a cakey brownie but anyways let's go ahead and have a taste so excited Oh hmm show them they're wonderfully fudgy without being too sweet and I love the almond butter swirl on the top you could definitely do any kind of nut or seed butter my hazelnut one would be good too it's so delicious and fudgy it's the perfect treat I'm so happy with these turned out they're definitely gonna be gone very sick all right guys next up or making it these mint chocolate cups which if you're familiar with the eating evolved ones they're kind of a spin on that so I'm taking some coconut butter I love coconut butter because it's full of lauric acid which means it's going to be really great for your immune system and it also helps to increase your metabolism while that's melting down on our double boiler on the stove I'm taking some cacao to make some nice raw paleo chocolate you guys have seen me make this a bunch of times before but the ratios will be down in the description box and like I've said raw cacao really great antioxidants for it especially when it's raw a little bit of maple syrup for a touch of sweetness mix that together and then I'm taking my silicone molds and a teaspoon measurement and just putting a little bit on the bottom and kind of spreading it so that it covers the whole bottom of silicone mold these were super inexpensive form IKEA I think you got 12 for like a dollar ninety-nine they're also on Amazon I suggest investing in silicon cups because I swear I use them at least every week if not more they're really handy for making desserts once your coconut butter is soft and melted I'm using a spoon to put about a teaspoon into each of it and then you're going to be pressing that down so it kind of sits in the middle of the chocolate and then with the leftover I'm putting a little bit on the top as well and kind of swirling it once you leave them in the freezer for about 15 minutes they will be done and you have these wonderfully easy peppermint swirled coconut butter cups that are super refreshing and make a great treat so once your cups are done that they will look like this and you can just store them in the freezer that's what I would do and then pull them out when you want them but let's go ahead and have a taste oh they're so good and so refreshing because of the mint if you've tried the eating evolved mint coconut butter cups these are very similar to that they're the perfect little treat to have plus they have healthy fats in them not too sweet just I'm in love with all these desserts guys and lastly I'm showing you guys one of my favorite quick desserts that I make all the time so I'm starting off with some coconut milk guys coconut milk is so good it's full of nice healthy fats that help to support the digestive lining in your gut and help to rebuild it and it also improves the insulin response in your body so it's really good I would suggest getting the full fat not the light don't be scared of full fat guys it's so so good for you and you literally just take your beater and you beat it up until it's like a whipped cream consistency it's super super easy I'm taking some fresh local strawberries a heaping spoon a spoonful of that and some of the leftover paleo chocolate I will leave ratios down below super easy dessert it's I just had her right now it was delicious and now it was time for the taste test what I love is that it's so easy to make this and you get like a little bit of decadence but there's some fruit so let's have a taste it's like a whipped cream chocolate and strawberry mm-hmm and he's just like chocolate strawberries but the coconut whipped kind of gives it that whipped cream feel but got healthy fats is gonna be satisfying this has honestly been one of my go-to to healthy desserts for a long time now so I'm really excited to share it with you guys I'm gonna dig in and have some more so this is the bonus recipe it's kind of like a turtle bark filled with caramel and pecans and chocolate so let's have a taste of this – mmm the caramel is the perfect consistency it's not too hard but it like pulls away a little bit of chocolate with the healthy nuts like pecans you definitely want to head over and get the recipe for this because it's something you can easily keep in the fridge and then just have a piece when you need a little something so I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did it don't forget to give it a good old thumbs up and comment down below which healthy dessert you would want to make first or which one looks the best to you I think I cannot think everyone pick one I really don't think I can pick one guys cuz they're all just so delicious I'm kind of excited to be eating desserts for the next couple days I hope you guys are all having a great day and I will see you in my next video bye guys


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