Tomato Rice Recipe (One pot rice)

Hey guys, today I'm making a red rice recipe with marinara sauce and basmati rice, to start I'm gonna first toast my basmati with a little bit of oil, this gives it a really nice flavor So you need about a tablespoon of oil, so here I'm using some hot chili oil but you can also use vegetable oil or olive oil

And I have my pan on a medium high heat, so once your pan is heated up you're gonna add in your rice and if you don't have basmati, you can also use any other kind of long grain rice like jasmine rice And now I'm gonna give this a stir And this needs to cook for about five minutes just like this, stirring occasionally until it gets fragrant and it gets a little bit more golden in color, it'll take about five minutes Okay so now it's been about five minutes and my rice is ready you won't see a really big difference in the color but if you look closely to some of the grains of rice you'll see a couple of brown dots and that's what you're looking for and it'll smell a lot more fragrant So now I'm going to add in my marinara sauce and my water, you can also use just crushed tomatoes/canned tomatoes or you can also grate some fresh tomatoes and instead of water you can also use chicken stock or vegetable stock and when you add this stuff in it might bubble and steam a lot so just be careful

All you need to do now is add in your seasoning and then you're gonna cover the lid and let it cook So for seasoning I'm going to add in some salt and if your marinara sauce is already salty might need to add a little bit less and just taste it with a spoon I'm adding in some garlic powder, about a teaspoon, I'm gonna crack in some black pepper And I'm just gonna bring it up to a boil and once it comes to a boil I'm gonna lower the heat and I'm gonna put my lid on and it's gonna cook for about 15 minutes just don't open the lid so it can steam and cook quickly and then I'll show you what to do once it's done All right so it just started bubbling I'm gonna lowered the heat, and I'm gonna put my lid on

Okay so it's been exactly 15 minutes now, my rice should be ready Once it's done all you need to do is fluff it up with a fork and you're ready to serve, if you notice that there's still a little bit of liquid on the bottom of your pan just cook it like this and stir for about another minute or two and the water should evaporate And this goes really good with some sprinkled parmesan or some sprinkled mozzarella on top and fresh herbs as well like basil or parsley So I hope you enjoyed this video like and subscribe for more and I'll see you next time


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