Meal Prep with Ice Age Meals’ Paleo Nick – Coachified Ep. 18 | Tough Mudder

(SINGING) Hold up Let's go to war

All right, Mudders Now, I know you've been training hard with all of our "Coachified" episodes and following along with us But you can't outwork poor nutrition! That's why I'm here with my friend, Paleo Nick, and he's going to break down all your nutrition needs All right, I'm excited to be here, you guys I'm going to teach you some meal prep with one of my favorite recipes

We're going to teach you how to save time, save money, and eat healthy while doing it And we're going to get Coachified And we're going to get Chefified [WHACKING] [MUSIC PLAYING] [EAGLE SCREECHING] Coachified! [MUSIC PLAYING] All right, so training for a Tough Mudder, running a Tough Mudder, or preparing for an event as monumental as World's Toughest Mudder is going to take proper nutrition So Nick, what's on our menu for today? Boom, on the menu today, we've got my Thai Turkey Throwdown, one of my favorite meal prep recipes

We're going to make a giant batch, and we'll come up with about 20 portions in the end Good Preparing yourselves for success [MUSIC PLAYING] Let's get started on the Thai turkey throwdown Ooh, woo! [MUSIC PLAYING] Preheat the pan

Get it good and hot We like it hot We're going to start off with 1/4 cup of olive oil in a hot pan So let's go here, half the ginger We're going to start with that

[PAN SIZZLING] Hook me up with some garlic, baby Woo! Can you smell that? Can you? Mm! Garlic and ginger It's happening right now Let's go our turkey Huh? We're going to flip this seasoned side down onto half of our pan

We'll also add our 4 cups of yellow onion and 2 1/2 pounds of carrots Try to keep these separate for a minute, and then we'll get a little bit of salt on the top right now See how we have that unseasoned side? That freaks me out So our turkey's gone about 5 minutes It's starting to cook, right? You can see it

Mm-hm It's opaque Changing color Right, changing color Now we're going to fold the veggies into the turkey

And let me throw these mushrooms Just throw it on top All right, mushrooms So we folded it together Mushrooms are going on top

So what is meal prep? Meal prep, boom It's a time-saving concept, right? It's all about, what, dirty your kitchen once a week instead of nightly You're going to prep a large meal like this And the next week, you'll prep something different And that way, you'll have a little variety in your life

And they're going to go into the freezer, and you pull it out when you need it Yup Awesome And then while you're doing this, you're going to take a photograph, #MealPrep, and put it on Instagram, or it didn't happen Or else it didn't even happen, right? Right on

Up next, let's throw bamboo shoots and water chestnuts Together? Yeah Boom! Did you see that efficiency? I just did that both– time! Fold in our bamboo shoots and our water chestnuts I think we're pretty much ready Let's get our coconut milk in there

Let's go ahead and pour it in there Let's put half of this in there Fold it in, and that'll give this a nice look You want hot sauce? Yeah! I like it hot Boom, [INAUDIBLE]

Oh! No measuring going on there Roughly 2 tablespoons of fish sauce It's hotter [MUMBLING] [LAUGHING] I have a question for you Yeah So I'm running Tough Mudder tomorrow

I'm running an event So this is our meal What if I want some more carbohydrates? Serve this over– squash would be a good option Lowest glycemic would be like a spaghetti squash Then we've got butternut squash

So if you're going regular Tough Mudder, you could be going some sweet potato, some butternut squash And then World's Toughest Mudder– we're throwing down some rice Rice, bro Rice Load it up

And then day to day, day to day, when you're not doing Tough Mudder– There's your day to day Keeping it– Like that Cool, all right So we're going to just portion this out here, guys So we're now breaking it down

These are going to be our meals We've got these awesome little trays right here Probably find just about anything on the planet on Amazon, so you can order yourself a bunch of these guys And then you've got a bunch of trays And we've got all our meals

We're going to be ready to go, and then throw them in the freezer Ready when you are So this is just a good, healthy way to prepare yourself So I'd say that that's advantage number two, is we're eating healthier Yup, exactly

And by meal prepping, we don't have to worry about where we're going to get our next healthy meal So you went shopping this morning Yup It cost you, you said roughly 50 bucks, $51, something like that We've made 17 meals

Do the math [INAUDIBLE] $51, $3 each 3 bucks a meal Where else are you going to get $3 a meal? Just say nowhere Nowhere

So I'd say that that is meal prep advantage number three, is it's going to save you a buttload of money And who doesn't want a buttload of money? So we just made this great meal, and gave you guys a bunch of tips on why you should meal prep and how to meal prep, and gave you this amazing recipe And if they want to find more recipes? Boom, PaleoNickcom We've got over 400 recipes similar to this one

And if you don't have time? Then you can go to IceAgeMealsnet We've got pre-made meals We'll ship them right to your doorstep Yeah, so now you're ready, training for your Tough Mudder, or right around the corner, getting ready for World's Toughest Mudder

Thanks for joining us, and you just got Chefified! [MUSIC PLAYING]


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