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– Could someone have more liquids in front of them? I have four drinks right now (mouth chomping) Today on The Edgy Veg, I'm going to show you how to make a vegan version of the Ruffles onion chip dip

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The links are in the subscription box below A lot of you guys have been asking for easier copycat recipes so I went on my Instagram and asked what easy copycat recipe did you want this week? And a large amount of you told me you wanted the Ruffles onion chip dip Now I haven't had this stuff in years Mainly because I've been vegan for eight of them but when I was growing up, this was my guilty pleasure I thought it was so gross like from an outside perspective but so incredibly delicious in my belly

So why not make a clean and delicious vegan version of it? Right, but this isn't just a chip dip You can use it for many different things Yes, you can dip any delicious flavor of chips in it but you can also use it as a dip for deep fried pickles, done that Buffalo cauliflower wings, I've done that I've even use it as a dip for my quesadillas when I did not have vegan sour cream on hand

You will have to keep this one in the fridge though Unlike the Ruffles' one, it can't just sit out on the shelf all day Alright guys, let's make this recipe In a sauteed pan over medium heat, we are gonna heat up two tablespoons of olive oil Once that oil is nice and hot, we are going to add one medium sized chopped onion and a quarter teaspoon of salt

You want to cook the onions until they are caramelized This should take about 15 to 20 minutes on medium low to low heat You do not want them to turn crispy and brown, you want them to turn an even brown color very, very slowly Slow and low is the key to caramelized onions Don't be afraid to turn that heat down

You definitely don't want these to cook too quickly Once your onion are caramelized, you just want to set them aside to cool, while you prepare the rest of your ingredients To make the creamy part of this dip, we are going to need a blender To the blender, we are going to add one and a half cups of soaked cashews You can soak these for just a few hours or overnight is best in my opinion

Make sure you've drained the water and rinse them though To those cashews, we are going to add half a cup of water and blend If your blender is having a hard time blending, add a bit more water, about two tablespoons at a time To our cashews, we are going to add two teaspoons of lemon juice a quarter teaspoon of garlic powder, a quarter teaspoon of white pepper, and a quarter teaspoon of salt Blend that all together

Now that we have a nice seasoned cashew cream, we are going to add three-quarter cups of vegan mayo You can definitely omit this step if you are not into adding vegan mayo to your dips But I found that helps make that super authentic taste of the Ruffles onion dip has So I'm having it because I want this stuff to be authentic I want it to be exactly like how I remember

Noe we are going to add our onions You can fold this thing with a spatula or like I did, I just added it to the blender on the lowest setting so that it's stirring and not actually blending And that's how you make onion dip, just throw that into a bowl, serve it with some chips, and call it a day (upbeat music) Alright guys, there you have it Delicious vegan onion dip for any flavor of chips that your heart desires

You can garnish this with some green onions as well Really up to you if you want it to look a little bit fancier I don't really care how it looks I just care how it tastes (chip crunching) (upbeat music) Pro tip, this stuff is even better the next day

So if you know you're having a party on Saturday, make this on Friday The longer it sits in the fridge, the flavors can really marinate in the dip and it's just absolutely delicious (chip crunching) Somehow, whenever I veganize my childhood guilty pleasures, I no longer feel guilty about them All of a sudden, it's like fancy 'cause it's vegan, right? That's how it works? (laughing) Alright guys, if you like this recipe, make sure you give this video a big thumbs up and let me know in the comments section below, what copycat recipes you would like to see next If you are new here, hello, welcome

Please take that time to hit that subscribe button so you get new vegan recipes to your inbox every single week Alright guys, I hope you have a great week, a great day, a great night I will see you next time Bye Bye

(laughing) (upbeat music)


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