hey everyone and welcome back to my channel don't forget to subscribe if you're new and let's make some delicious healthy brownies because they're just as good as they look so I'm starting off with some raw cacao which is amazing it is so full of antioxidants high magnesium high in potassium and it also lowers your blood pressure you want to make sure you sift it though so that you don't get any big clumps so sift that through you can get one of these at the dollar store even for sifting next up I'm using coconut sugar and if you didn't know coconut sugar is an unrefined sugar which has 16 amino acids for different kinds of B vitamins and is low makai seeming index some tapioca flour which is gonna help them fine and helps digestion Himalayan salt 84 essential minerals and balances your pH we're gonna mix up the dry just until everything is combined then we're gonna have our wet Bowl so I'm starting off with egg which actually raises your good cholesterol and decreases that your bad cholesterol and is rich in selenium some vanilla great antioxidant antimicrobial whisking that together and then this is the secret part of this as well we're gonna be adding in avocado for our fat it's a great healthy fat it keeps your eyes healthy and it also has all essential amino acids to help build the muscle which is crazy if you don't like avocados or don't want to eat avocado you can use two tablespoons of coconut oil that would be like my next best but I love using avocado next up I'm using some dairy free chocolate chips I use the ones from enjoy life because the ingredients are really clean in them so I highly suggest using those because if you just used normal chocolate chips it kind of defeats the purpose so I'm just looking for a healthier chocolate chip read the ingredients and make sure it only has four things it's not a process no GMO no dairy everything like that I'm gonna whisk together the egg avocado mixture which sounds weird that you see it reminds me of avocado toast with the chocolate until you get like a nice thick paste and then we're going to be mixing in the wet with the dry this is best to do it separately so now that we have our wet we're going to mix that in with our dry and it's really easy guys I swear you're not even gonna taste the avocado in these they just gives it a really nice moisture and a nice decadence so good I've been baking with avocados for years and years now I'm putting this into a baking pan that I made sure to spray and I use coconut oil so make sure you spray it because they will stick and if you use a loaf pan like this you'll get like six to eight brownies you can always double the recipe we're gonna bake those and while those are baking we're making the caramel so I'm using some coconut butter love coconut butter it's actually rich in lauric acid which boosts your immune system and boost your metabolism and is high in calcium and magnesium so maple syrup which is a great antioxidant it also settles your digestion so you won't get bloating like you can really use other sweeteners that are like processed and refined so really good a little bit of vanilla and also some almond butter and the almond butter is great cuz it adds some like texture and the caramel color to it but it doesn't really taste like almonds as well as some Himalayan salt I'm melting that over at the stovetop until it gets basically the coconut butter will melt and I'll combined with the almond butter and you get kind of like a smooth glaze and then you're gonna let that cool while the brownies finish baking so that you can put it on the top and it kind of re thickens like the coconut butter was fake before we melted it if that makes sense once the brownies are done you can cut them up and I cut these into six cuz I like larger sized brownies I'm having a brownie I want like a good size brownie and then I just drizzled the caramel on the top these are so good and so decadent you won't even know that they're full of good things for you they don't have any refined sugar or anything like that so I hope you guys enjoyed this recipe don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already to see lots more healthy stuff and the holiday videos are coming guys so excited so yeah make sure you subscribe follow up on Instagram and I will see you guys in my next video bye


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