Italian Meringues – Easy recipe (ENGLISH)

Hi guys, welcome back to my kitchen Today MERINGHE !! Ole ole ole ole Meringues! Meringues! Warning! The video contains a high rate of sugar! It's a very easy recipe: gua 'che be llo! And it takes 10 minutes so even if you are very scarce you will do it Follow only my video So as I said 10 minutes of preparation and 2 hours of cooking, to have this beautiful thing What else to say! Give it a like and subscribe to the channel! Good vision! 150 gr of egg white 450 gr of sugar Add the sugar slowly One after another You do not have to feel the sugar between the fingers If there is the little horn, it's okay! Ok we are ready to bake I put the big ones on And the small ones below Now it is very important that during cooking the steam comes out otherwise they flatten They would not be cooked well then we take of silver paper Let's make something to hold the oven slightly ajar so the steam will come out and the meringues will cook perfectly at 120 ° C for 2 hours (bla bla bla) Since I do not want to bother you and indeed I want to thank you for the pleasure that you will surely have put You are fantastic! I want to tell you that you do not have to use the sac a poché You can use two spoons and make one similar form obviously it's easier and faster but do as you prefer

see you later Ok guys I left the Meringues to cook for 2 hours, even a hair more to cook them slowly This is the result! You see one is missing! It is important to taste them! If they are cooked or not! They seem scary to me! Now let's decore them! Decorate with cream and chocolate Guys here is the result A very good dessert Very easy to do A little long in cooking but easy to do! Then You should put me like it share it comment on it but above all subscribe to the channel I-write to the book! Ok? Hello!


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