Maggi Noodles Puff Recipe in Hindi by Indian Food Made Easy

We will make maggi noodles puff recipe using very few ingredients Maggi noodles puff recipe is very simple because not too many ingredients required These are all the ingredients required to make maggi noodles puff recipe To make maggi puff we have 1 cup all purpose flour in a mixing bowl Add about 1/3rd spoon of salt to it We added some hot water to the flour We will knead the flour with hot water The flour needs to be perfectly smooth to make maggi puffs So we will cover and put away the flour for about half hour After putting away for half hour, add one spoon of oil and knead to make it smoother Knead, cover and put away for more couple of hours so it could get ever more smoother Now we will make stuffing of maggi noodles puffs, for which add 3 teacups of water in a hot pan Add 2 packets of maggi masala which we get along with packet of maggi noodles Mix it well in water Now add 2 packets of maggi noodles by breaking in pieces We added maggi masala in water before adding the noodles, so that masala could be mixed evenly among the noodles We need to cook maggi noodles till all the water dries up After cooking for about 2 to 3 minutes, when all the water has dried up then stuffing for maggi noodles puffs is ready Put this away for now so it could cool down It's been two hours for the flour, knead it a little so it could get softer Flour is very smooth and strechy, which is perfect to make maggi puffs Split and divide the flour into 4 to 5 pieces Now make balls like these of the maggi noodles stuffing we cooked earlier Press and flatten the dough, and apply some dry flour to manage the dough Place and press the ball of maggi in middle Pull the dough upwards this way and wrap stuffing in it Press and stick together on top to lock the stuffing inside Apply some dry flour and press a little to flatten it a bit Dust off all the extra flour, and it's ready to fry Now we will shallow fry these maggi noodles puffs, for which apply half spoon oil on a hot flat pan Now cook the maggi puffs we made Flip and fry from both sides After cooking for 3 to 4 minutes, when its cooked from both sides, it's ready to serve Serve these tasty and delicious maggi noodles puffs with hot tea and tomato ketchup These are soft from inside and crispy outside, its so yummy, so you must try this recipe If you liked today's video, then please press the like button below And do subscribe to my channel Do press the bell icon so you don't miss any of my new videos Thank you


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