Authentic Italian Pesto Pasta Recipe | Pesto Trofie (Potatoes and Green Beans)

In Italy, Pesto Genovese is used in this classic dish as a sauce for trofie pasta, potatoes and green beans! To make this dish you will need: about 200 grams of Pesto Genovese We will show you how to make it from scratch in this video

You will also need: fresh green beans, yellow potatoes and trofie pasta Step 1: Prepare the veggies Add bite-sized potatoes and green beans to a pot of boiling water Cook until tender and transfer immediately to an ice bath When cool, drain and set aside

Step 2: Make the pesto! To make pesto genovese, you will need: freshly grated pecorino, Parmigiano Reggiano, garlic, pine nuts, extra virgin olive oil and fresh basil The key to making a fantastic pesto is to avoid heating the fresh ingredients You can even put the food-processing bowl and 's' blade into the freezer a half an hour before making the pesto To make this pesto, start by mashing 1 clove of garlic into past Use a mortar and pestle or a garlic press

Add to the garlic the grated cheeses Always freshly grate the cheeses Food processors make grating cheese easy Here's how to do it with a Kenwood MultiPro food processor After gratign the cheese, fit your food processor with the Sabatier blade (also known as the S blade) and add 50 grams of pine nuts and half of the basil

Use the pulse setting on your food processor to begin blending the pesto Short quick pulses help the blade and the ingredients from heating up Add three tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil, the rest of the basil and a pinch of salt Continue pulsing to blend Here, we'll show things in real time so that you can see how the pesto comes together

When the pesto is coarsely blended, slowly add more olive oil and begin to blend with longer pulses When you reach this consistency, your pesto is finished Cook 250 grams of Trofie pasta according to package directions Drain the pasta and combine all ingredients in a large serving bowl Here's how we like to assemble to maximize distribution of the pesto

And a little trick for using pasta to get every last drop of pesto into your dish Buon appetito!


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