hey everyone and welcome but back it to my channel we are back today with some easy healthy recipes they're all super delicious so I'm really excited to share them with you and it's double exciting because this video is in partnership with Sevilla I have loved Sevilla for so many years I've been drinking it for probably like seven eight years if you haven't heard about Zelia which you need to hear about it's a soda alternative and it's a zero calorie no artificial sweeteners no artificial colors non-gmo no carbs no calories no garbage so super exciting I definitely recommend this to everyone who's looking for an alternative when they're switching they have cream soda which is one of my favorites along with ginger ale another one of my favorites they have Cola lemon lime black cherry so it's a really great alternative and like I said I've been drinking it for years so I was super excited to be able to do this video with them and I created some delicious recipes and some really sneaky ways that you would never think that you could use these but you can so stay tuned if you haven't yet make sure to subscribe if you haven't and let's get into the video so the first recipe we're making are these a cream soda pancakes I'm starting off with some almond flour which has got a great dose of protein and fats some baking powder which is gonna help it rise along with two eggs so I'm cracking the eggs into a separate Bowl so we had our dry and you want to crack the eggs into a separate Bowl which it's gonna be our wet then I'm adding in some coconut cream which is the thick part of the cream from a can so you want to refrigerate that overnight and then just take the thick part then I'm adding the wet in to the dry and of course all the measurements will be down in the description box below so you guys don't have to write them down as we go I'm folding that in and you want to fold it just until it's combined you don't want to overmix then I'm adding in the cream sodas avea which as you guys can see it's clear it's got no artificial colors it's sweetened with stevia no GMOs and none of that stuff it's delish and they make these pancakes so light and fluffy it makes it delicious it's a secret hack to getting like a really good pancake I'm cooking that on medium heat and the bubbles come through and then flipping them over and then you get your wonderful cream soda pancakes and guys these smelled and tasted amazing next up are making this bruschetta type dip so I'm using an avocado you guys know how much I love avocado great healthy fats and I'm adding in some lemon-lime zba and this works instead of lime juice and I'm just mashing it with the avocado it also really helps you to mash the avocado up and in just like I said you get the lemon and the lime which i think is great we're putting in a pinch of Himalayan salt which balances your pH is full of essential minerals and then I'm taking some tomato as well as some red onion kind of making a hole in the avocado and putting it in the center and then you can have this with crackers or veggies next up I'm making a ginger 8 mojito so I'm rolling out 8 a lime and you're gonna need the juice of one lime and this is a virgin drink I'm not putting any alcohol in this it's kind of like a great spin on a normal mojito so I'm squeezing out the lime from that and lime is such a great citrus juice for you I feel like it's under use if you like lemon gets a lot of attention but lime doesn't then I'm adding in a handful of fresh mint and yes I washed it first I'll just wash your fresh mint and then you want to put that in and I'm going to be using my straw to muddle the two together so the lime just really helps to break down the mint you get the flavor next up I'm adding in this evo ginger aid now I know what you're thinking you might go for the lemon lime which would taste also awesome as well but it's such a different flavor with the ginger and then the lime in the mint it's delish you can add a few ice cubes in and this has been my go-to drink for a while now it's delish in the summer next up we're making some scrambled eggs so you're gonna need two eggs or however many eggs that you want to make and I know what you're thinking guys we're gonna put it in eggs and it works so well to make the eggs nice and light and fluffy so just whisk your eggs together first so I'm doing two eggs and then I'm going to be adding in two tablespoons of the lemon lime one you can do any flavor you like but you want to do two tablespoons for every two eggs you do and you whisk that together and such a great way to add some nice fluff to your eggs the consistency is great it's like a little secret hack so I love showing you guys like little ways that you may not think you can use this on a day-to-day basis and they just turn out so perfect so I highly recommend trying this out and lastly is this coffee soda which is another one of my favorite ways so I'm taking some cold brew concentrate you can also use espresso or strong coffee and I'm adding in cream soda instead of adding just plain water and it makes it so delicious you get the busyness from the cream soda you get the coffee flavor and then you get the wonderful cream soda taste it's so young alright guys so I hope you enjoyed this video if you try these out be sure to tag me on Instagram and so I can see them share them and everything like that and also don't forget to follow along on Instagram as well because I'm always sharing recipes and tips over there thanks again it's a zvf for sponsoring at this video it was such a dream collaboration because it's a brand that I've loved for so many years and I just like a good company and I love working with good company so thanks again to them for that and I hope you guys are all having a great day and I'll see you in my next video bye guys


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