Soft and Healthy Kozhukattai Recipe in Tamil – Black Rice/Kavuni Arisi Kozhukattai – Kolukattai

Today lets prepare Black Rice Kozhukattai (Modak) , healthy and nutrients packed modak It tastes good with coconut chutney The black rice soaked water about 1/4 cup , use it for grinding Coarsely grind it Soak the black for about 3 hrs, only then it will be easy to grind Reduce the flame to low and add the black rice paste Along with the 1/2 cup used for grinding , totally 3 cups of water Make sure that there are no lumps and it does not stick to the bottom When the mixture thickens taste it to check the salt taste Cook till the mixture reaches Halwa consistency and it should not stick to the sides of the pan Now our mixture is ready !!! Transfer it to a plate and allow it to cool down to room temperature Grease your palm with water and shape the modak Also wet the plate with water so that the modak does not stick to the plate Place the modak in a cloth and steam cook , or grase the plate with oil and steam cook

Steam the modak for 5 min Tasty , soft and healthy Black rice kozhukattai is ready !! Subscribe to us on YouTube and Facebook to get the regular updates !!!


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