Don’t Eat White Flour recipes! This can make you diabetic soon

Hello!!! You are Watching DietFit LiveFit channel Don’t Eat White Flour recipes! This can make you diabetic soon White flour one of the dangerous food substances which adulterant material from wheat flour In western countries, this substances called as baking or cake flour

While preparing this flour many chemicals were added for purification purpose, as specially alloxan its one highly dangerous chemical The Recent scientific study reveals that alloxin induce diabetes, this has been proven by healthy laboratory animals Alloxin chemical widely used garment industry to purify white clothes Another study indicated that benzoyl peroxide toxic chemical used to purification and whiten this flour This chemical highly toxic and break down bone cells and insulin producing cells

Carbohydrate in our diet should become glucose and go to the blood cells Only then will we get the energy Insulin produced by the beta cells in the pancreas leads the glucose in the blood to the cells The amount of sugar available in the blood will be maintained in normal condition if our physical activity is present in the amount of energy available by this process called oxidation If insulin not sufficiently to burn blood glucose which called as diabetes

White flour contains a higher amount of carbohydrate if you eating more which affects pancreas does not produce enough insulin to meet blood glucose This flour is used extensively for making fast food, baked food such as pastries, bread This food not good for healthy life It increases bad cholesterol which causes obstruction in the bloodstream and risk of heart attack and heart disease This flour does not contain fiber which causes problems like constipation and anal cancer etc

White flour enhance body acidity which removes all essentials nutrients Studies suggested that diet high in acidic foods such as cakes, burger, pasta, and pizza will degrade calcium presents in bone Also, those who consume fast food longer period will get more chance of chronic illnesses like chronic inflammation and arthritis Thank you very much for watching my creation, please subscribe Diet Fit Live Fit channel


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