Delicious Three Ingredient Smoothie to Cleanse Your Kidney

In Chinese medicine, kidneys are the root of life Kidneys are actually attached to your root chakra, they sit behind your back

Just like cell like two bean-shaped organs and directly above them are your adrenals Kidneys are responsible for cleansing and purifying your blood Now what’s important about the kidney is if they are impacted at all you are not going to be able to filter through the blood like you normally would and that’s a really important process as a human being So today, I’m going to show you a recipe that’s going to bring those kidneys back into balance You’re going to feel more energy, you’re going to feel more this calmness come over your body

You’re going to have more vitality,, more vigor, your sleep could be impacted so if you’re the type of person that’s getting a little fatigue in the afternoon, you’re getting tired, you don’t have that mental clarity, this is really going to assist you and it’s simple it’s three ingredients We have three grapefruits, we have one lemon and we have a bunch of parsley Grapefruit is amazing at boosting your immune system, it’s quintessential at producing liver enzymes which all support in aiding to your kidney health as well We also have the mighty lemon Ow the lemon is one of my favorite citrus fruits

It’s one of the only fruit on the planet that actually helps with phase 2 liver detoxification We have parsley which is one of known throughout time as one of the most detoxifying herbs on the planet for your kidneys and the purification of your blood So to do the cleanse, I would simply drink this juice recipe with my warm water, lemon and apple cider vinegar first thing in the morning and then I would eat a clean diet for three days straight so no sugar, dairy or wheat okay? Are we clear? I see you shaking your head What are you doing watching YouTube and you don’t even have a pants on? Can you put some pants on here, join us in a second Let’s get to this juice recipe

Here we go! We’re going to throw it in our Kuving’s wide mouthed juicer just like cell This is one of my favorite juicers by our sponsor Kuving’s, check it out I’ll leave a link if you guys want this as well Oh Yeah! Can I get it? Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh my god that’s so wow! I had a little bit of red juice to this as well guys which actually has cordyceps, cranberry, blueberries Check it out! Cordyceps are amazing for kidney function and get it by clicking the link below again so it’s really simple and easy

If you’re looking to do a kidney cleanse, commit to three days of this Drink this right after your warm water and lemon in the morning and then eat clean foods for the rest of the day So here it is, the recipes simple and easy I’ll put it in the screen below once again, check it out Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel

I’m Drew Canole as always remember we’re in this together and I’ll see you next week


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