3 Day Detox Cleanse – Real Food and Healthy Recipes

hi there in this video a three day detox that uses real wholesome foods you can prepare in advance take with you anywhere you can do it on the weekend quick easy and convenient you will know exactly what to do it is perfect to jump-start your weight loss efforts and give you a much needed it but you have to download your free guide which is on the Description box below so go grab it has the menu planner, the recipes and all the instructions you'll need now let's go to the kitchen and I'll show you every morning I wake up to your warm lemon tea with ginger so here I have my favorite cupI already have lemon juice in there and then I add my ginger slices and warm water for your juice you have to prep your veggies cut them or not it depends on the type of juicer you have I have this masticating juicer and it has a small opening when I did my research on juicers they have two kinds the masticating and the centrifugal and it turns out that these actually create less heat and therefore retain more of the nutrition of the vegetables and fruits so that's why I went ahead with it but it doesn't matter which one you got the fact that you are juicing is awesome for my lemon I actually like to cut the skin but I try to keep as much of the pith as possible that's where all the goodness is so once you're done it's time to juice mmm so good for your smoothie I love my nutribullet it is so convenient and small it does a great job but there are some other great ones out there, there's the vitamix, the blendtec They're all fine so whichever one you have that works just great mmm so so good so for lunch you're going to have the choice of two salads, the cucumber avocado salad and the raw chopped salad and these ingredients here are used for the salads we have kale, cucumber, carrots, red onion, fennel then then we have herbs like parsley and cilantro and all of these with all the colors so rich in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant they have flavonoids like quercetin which really helped pull out the toxins from your body they're really good and a lot of nutrients because as you detox you have to bring all these vitamins and minerals back into your system to help you out the dressing is the same for both salads and it's made with lemon and ginger and some other seeds it's really yummy and I have included also included healthy fats like avocado and sunflower and sesame seeds and I have included one very special ingredient and that's sea vegetables these are nori sheet which is what the sushis are rolled in most of times and they have so many nutrients it's really really good and they have particularly a lot of calcium and iodine iodine really helps draw all the toxins out of your system so don't forget to include these these these salads are simple to make they are really delicious super delicious so enjoy, check them out and for dinner a simple vegetable soup for all three days you'll also get to enjoy snacks cut up vegetables and a vanilla chia pudding for dessert every night If you're nursing, pregnant or if your immune system is compromised in any way do not do the detox and always consult with your health care practitioner don't forget to check out our website for my seasonal detox they are seven days online so regardless of where you are in the world you can join us they have a lot more variety than this one and they're very effective


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