Herbal Detox Tea Recipe

Hey guys I'm Anastasia from Happy Bellyfish and today we're making a very, very special recipe it's so special, because together with it I'm going to show you a piece of my childhood we are making herbal tea, with herbs that are coming straight from the garden And right now I'm situated in dacha For Russians dacha is very important basically it's a countryside house, but it will always have a garden a small or big – doesn't matter but in Soviet times people actually used to grow their food here I'm going to pick some special herbs from the garden and show you how to make a tea with it the the thing is, when I was a child, it was something very natural, you know in the morning you want to make tea, so you just go and you pick things from certain bushes that my grandmother taught me to choose and I had absolutely no idea about their health benefits I just new that they tasted fantastic you put herbs in a cup, you boil it a few minutes maybe before and it tastes amazing! already later when I was learning about health benefits of different plants I realized what a superfood my childhood tea was you can find the ingredients for this tea very easily in any country in any health shop or even a pharmacy and make it on your own but if you have a garden, or you have a friend with a Dacha I recommend you pay a visit to that friend and make this tea fresh you will never regret it! I think every culture knows this flower especially you know its leaves, but it's actually the flower that you should use this is the best part about making this tea because you can eat all the berries while you're picking the leaves these are blackberries, and they are my absolute favourite so this is rose hip, you probably saw it it has like this little little red berries they are also fantastic for the, tea but we're going to take the leaf I hope you enjoyed this video, now head over to happybellyfishcom and check out some amazing online programs and cooking classes that we are offering together with food experts from all around the world eat healthy, keep your belly and taste buds happy!


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