Pizza al taglio/ Homemade italian pizza recipe

Hi everyone, today i'm going to show you how to make sliced pizza ingredients are written in the info box below the video and in the blog and now let's make it together! i take some fresh brewer's yeast and put it in honey if you don't have honey you can use a teaspoon of sugar mix everything together until it completely dissolves then i put it in warm water or at room temperature and mix everything together i take a mixing bowl and put the flour in it then i form a hole at the centre of the flour and put the mix with water and honey i start kneading from the centre and before the mixture is completely solid, i put some salt i keep kneading with hands and when the flour will be completely absorbed i transfer the dough on the work surface i put some flour on the surface and then i knead the dough for about 5 minutes in all directions now i take a mixing bowl and grease it with some extra vergin olive oil i put the dough inside the bowl and i grease its surface i cover it with plastic wrap and if i want to anticipate leavening times, i put the dough in pre-heated oven at 25° – 28° (77F – 82,4F) until it doubles the volume and here's the dough after 25 hours of leavening i transfer it on the work surface and i create some folds to reinforce the dough i take a baking tray and i grease it with some oil, also on the edges i put the dough on it and i grease it on the surface and i cover it with plastic wrap and i let it sit for about 20 min in the meantime i cut the mozzarella in cubes i transfer it in a colander in order that it loses part of the whey otherwise pizza will be too moist on the surface now i take some tomato sauce put 2 tablespoons of oil salt a tablespoon of oregano and mix everything together now i take the dough, i remove the plastic wrap and start kneading it on the pan with fingers if the dough is too hard when you spread it on the pan, let it sit for 10 min, it will be softer and easy to handle now i cover it with plastic wrap and i let it sit in pre-heated oven at 25° – 28° for about 20 min letting it sit before spreading the tomato sauce on top will make a honeycombed pizza now i remove the plastic wrap and spread the tomato sauce on top the sauce's already been flavoured so the taste will be even and uniform now i can put it in pre-heated and static oven at 250° (482F) for 15 min in the lower part after 15 min i transfer the pizza on the work surface and spread the sliced mozzarella on top and now i can put it in the oven again at 250° (482F) for about 8/10 min in the middle part pizza is ready to be eaten and it's so good!

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