Hello « les amis », bonjour, My name is Pierre, I’m French and I’m really mad of pastry It’s why, Today, I want to share with you how to do this French original recipe…The Madeleine

You’ll find the entire recipe in the description below and all the quantities need Now let’s see what we need, let’s go For making the original recipe, you’ll need, flour, butter, sugar, eggs, baking powder, milk, honey and lemon zest And because I love chocolate I decided to do another kind of madeleine but this one with chocolate chips I really want you to try this pastry because it’s so easy to make and so delicious…”C’est parti” For this first step, we are going to need a whisk, the sugar, the eggs and a pastry bowl Break the eggs and mix them with the sugar until the mixture become whiter

In parallele, we will need melty butter so put it in the microwaves a couple of seconds, so that it become softer if you don’t have any microwave like me, simply put your butter in a pastry bowl, some boiling water in a pan and put the pastry bowl on the water Now, let’s go back to our mixture, add the baking powder and the flour and mix them Now add the butter and whisk until you have something smooth Regarding the butter, it’s really important that it should not be hot, otherwise your madeleines will not have the expected texture Finally, put the milk in our mixture and mix everything until the milk is well incorporated

For the last step we are going to add the final ingredients The honey and the lemon zest for the original recipe in the first pastry bowl and the chocolate chips in the second one Put a cling fillm over the bowls and drop them into the fridge This step is really important The dough need to rise and to get colder

The baking powder and thermal choc between our cold mixture and the oven will help us to have the classic madeleine shape with a bump on it With the heat of the oven the mixture will be softer and there is a risk for the chocolate chips to fall at the bottom of the mold If you don’t want to have chocolate chips only on the underside of the madeleines, I advise you to roll them in flour before adding them into the mixture After one hour in the fridge, our mixture is ready Now use a classic madeleine mold and put the dough into it

One this step is done, put everything into the oven at 180°C for 10 to 12 minutes If you want to have crispy edges, I recommend to let them during 12 min They seems so goooood Uhm…So crispy and so melty at the same time…really good, you should try If you enjoyed this recipe, put a thumb up and subscribe to my channel You can also follow me on Instagram, see you for another recipe, “à bientôt…Ciao!!”


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