Homemade Limoncello – Italian lemon liqueur recipe

Hi guys, welcome back! Today we will do the Limoncello! It is one of the easiest recipes What can you do in your life the only capacity required is to peel a lemon If you are not able forget about cooking because it's not for you (XD) Why make this video? When I lived outside Italy I tried to buy some Limoncello, even here in Italy there are some commercials that are terrible if compared to what you can do at home In fact they are full of sugar, with too much water not enough alcohol and lemons are probably the worst lemons Obviously being commercial they want to make money So let's try to do it yourself! It's really easy you will need 5 lemons for half a liter of pure alcohol I recommend Untreated lemons because we will use the peel to be immersed in alcohol and from this you will get 15 lt (1

25 in reality) of limoncello Very easy and convenient to do it yourself! And the taste will be twice as good, FIDATEVE! Let's go to the preparation! It is not very complicated Just pay attention to do not take white Because white is bitter! There is obviously white it will always be there, take it as little as possible Unless you are Shaolin monks, you will take white But it's not fundamental Rega, first step made We have peels in alcohol and leave them for 10 days in a dark place even more if you want but 10 days are enough You just have to remember: Ask them every 2/3 days to move lemon peels Nothing could be simpler: I'll show you in 10 days the result Hello! 10 days have passed and do you see how alcohol is yellow? So you know that I do not say bullshit

I actually passed 10 days This is the alcohol impregnated with the lemon flavor Now, What do we need to keep going? We have water the proportion is two parts alcohol for three parts of water: then for half a liter of alcohol we have 750 ml of water Then we have 250 gr of sugar now we must boil the water and dissolve the sugar We put them in one cooking pan Loose the sugar so we leave cool the syrup (water and sugar) and then we add it to alcohol the syrup has cooled I took a bottle, washed – but it will not be enough cmq but I have none! After I take them Now we pour the alcohol into the syrup with all the peels Aaaaa! He knows about alcohol! (pleasure) Look at that intense yellow! The peels are almost white for being in alcohol 10 days or maybe 11 Now, let's mix well and our limoncello is almost ready We put it in the bottle We need a passino One of these things (Imbuto ed) Daje! We put half a liter in the bottle I'd say that's the only thing you need to adjust depending on your taste is the amount of water More water means less strong limoncello Less stronger limoncello water It depends on your tastes! These are the quantities that I personally use This It is the marvelous result1 I just have to find the cap I recommend! Put it in the freezer! It must be frozen when you drink it! If you drink hot limoncello you die instantly! If you liked the recipe, put a nice like comment and share it But above all subscribe to the channel and activate notifications by clicking on the bell! Hi see you at the next video!


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