Healthy Mango Smoothie Recipe… and it’s delicious!

Hi there, I'm Jen from Simple Green Smoothies where I'm on a mission to help you fill up your body with plant-based goodness Drink your greens so that you can feel your best and today We are going to make a recipe called mango orange madness now This is a mango smoothie recipe that is super simple to make it's super delicious Like I think even your kids are gonna love it and we're gonna do it in under five minutes So let's get started All right, now we're gonna take our two cups of spinach and put it into the blender and to measure two cups of spinach I just like to grab handfuls

So two good-sized handfuls is about two cups of spinach So put that in the blender and it's gonna fill it up a lot, but don't be scared We're going to be cutting the the green taste with lots of mangoes lots of oranges and it's gonna be delicious So alright now we're going to add in our 1 so we're gonna peel the orange But we can leave some of the pith on it Which is the white part because that's where it has most of the vitamin C So just kind of peel around that and throw it in the blender It'll do the rest of the work for you and Now we're going to add in 2 cups of unsweetened coconut water And this is where I want you to stop put the blender top on and blend right now so we've only added half the ingredients, but it's really important to pause now and blend your leafy greens with some liquid to help get rid of any chunks you have and we like to do this with standard blenders that aren't high powered if you're using a Vitamix or Blendtec or something with a little more oomph You're not gonna have to do this stuff, but for using most blenders This is important to get rid of leafy chunks because no one wants that in their smoothie Now that we've got a really creamy green base We're gonna add in more of the fruit So let's add in that 1 cup of mango and we're using frozen mango because it chills down your smoothie It's also already peeled and cut for you So it makes it super simple and quick to do this recipe and Then we're also going to add in one banana so put those in Blend it up and we are gonna have a creamy green delicious smoothie on our hands in just a minute So this recipe makes about two servings and really it can fit into two mason jars which are each about 16 ounces So you're going to get about 32 ounces a plant power right here in this smoothie If you like this recipe and want more just like it make sure to sign up for our free 7-day green smoothie challenge Which is called simple 7 and I will send you a shopping list with seven ingredients all you're going to need to make seven green smoothie recipes this week and It takes under seven minutes to do every single day and you're gonna feel so much better by eating clean Fresh plant powered goodness every day Alright, peace love and leafy greens


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