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Welcome my Munchies! I'm Alyssia if you're new to the channel I am so happy to have you join us

A few weeks ago I shared some $1 dinner recipes and you guys seem stoked for a miniseries of affordable meals so we're doing it and today it's all about breakfast All of the breakfasts are $1 or less per serving and of course you have to remember that those are calculated out using the most affordable ingredients around me So if you want to buy higher quality ingredients or organic that will affect the price as will location So I know all of these ingredients are not necessarily going to be this cheap everywhere in the world but that is just inherently going to be an issue because we have access to different things depending on where we live So my point is don't get too caught up on the $1 number

The point is healthy and affordable can be done together with a little bit of creativity and shopping around We're starting out with pretty much a daily go to for me avocado toast So simple but so delicious For this recipe you will need bread of choice, avocado, bacon of choice, roma tomatoes which are almost always cheaper than vine or heirloom, an egg, red pepper flakes, and salt and remember you could of course omit that bacon for a vegetarian toast Toast up your Ezekiel bread and then layer on your ingredients and I like my egg sunny-side up

I like the egg to be nice and yokey but you could also use a boiled egg or even a scrambled patty Let me know your favorite egg preparation in the comments below Then you can just sprinkle on your red pepper flakes and a little bit of salt So tasty and actually quite affordable only $091 for a serving

The key ingredient here is the avocado I live in California so we can get avocados year-round and they are pretty darn cheap I know this isn't the case everywhere so try snagging them when they are in season or if you still want a delicious toast with a healthy creamy spread you could also try hummus We're moving on to a fall favorites since it is October after all Pumpkin pie oatmeal

For this recipe you will need oats remember bulk bin oats are the way to go to keep it cheap, milk of choice, canned pumpkin which is available year-round and adds nutrition to your meals, maple syrup, pumpkin pie spice, which I am making myself so it is more affordable it's simply cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, and ginger, as well as some vanilla extract, and chopped nuts pecans are traditional for pumpkin pie but almonds are much more affordable so I'm using that instead today Add you're milk and your oats to a small saucepan like so Bring to a boil Reduce to a simmer and add your pumpkin, vanilla, and spices until heated through This recipe will work with any milk regular or non-dairy

If nut milk is too expensive you could also consider making your own to save a few bucks Mix well until combined and allow your oatmeal to cook all the way through then add your maple syrup and chopped nuts which gives this oatmeal a delicious texture YUM! This is literally pumpkin pie in a bowl for breakfast at only $087 per serving and it's nutritious and vegan I can't complain about that

This is seriously one of my favorite fall breakfasts Lastly we're going to make my apple chocolate chai overnight chia pudding For this recipe you will need chia seeds, milk, apple and if you can buy apples when they are in season they are so affordable gala are almost always one of the cheaper varieties, cocoa powder, honey or sub maple syrup for vegan, for our chai flavor we are using cinnamon, cloves, and cardamom and we will also need a pinch of salt Grab a small mason jar and I'm going to be using this handy-dandy jar funnel fill it up Link will be in the description

Go ahead and add all of your ingredients into the jar Mix well to combine and then lid up and transfer to the refrigerator overnight This is like overnight oats but you're going to come out with a pudding for breakfast instead Not too shabby eh The next morning open it up and reveal the perfect and delicious chocolate apple chai chia pudding

Delicious flavors The chia seeds have expanded to give you that putting texture The apples have softened to go perfectly with the chocolate chai and all for only $079 a serving A lot of people assume chia seeds are too expensive but the truth is if you buy them in a larger package or even better in bulk bins they are so much cheaper

Plus whole chia seeds last over 2 years in the pantry or 4 years in the freezer So don't be afraid to stock up I hope you enjoyed these $1 breakfasts If you're excited for more of this budget miniseries give this video a thumbs up and I'll get working on those ideas Let me know which breakfast you're most excited to try in the comments below

Remember to tag me if you try any of them out and all of the recipes are available to you in the PDF in the description Easy peasy Thanks so much for liking the video leaving a comment and subscribing I'll see you next week for a new episode and remember it's all a matter of Mind Over Munch


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