French Apple Tart Recipe

We had promised to deliver brand-new experiences to you! Yes, Rooftop Rannaghar has kept it promise Rooftop Rannaghar has crossed the boundaries of its city, even of its country

I am in France now, near Paris! This is my first episode from France, with my French guest French people are always very proud of their food and culinary skills French cuisine is one of a kind Let's see what is waiting for me in the kitchen of my French guest Today, my French guest Sylvie will cook French Apple Tart

It's so tasty Sylvie! Such a wonderful dish it is! Thank you so much! So our viewers must have already learnt the recipe for an original French Apple Tart It's originated from Normandy of France Tart is oven-fresh and hot now You can also make it now And ofcourse, don't forget to share and subscribe

Send your recipes to join Rooftop Rannaghar And I shall keep on sending French recipes from time to time Will meet again soon


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