Episode 1: Don’t waste your food, cook your leftovers!

Hey guys, my name is Kyo And this is the very first episode of leftover guys where we cook leftover food after our Sunday football games So without further ado Let's score some goals Alright guys, so we've just finished our game Managed to score six goals Nahhh, scored one So we're gonna head back We're gonna cook some lunch Because WE ARE HUNGRY! So we're back home And this is my humble kitchen Where the magic begins So here we have some KFC from the night before Everybody loves their KFC So, these are the leftovers I've got a good idea of what we want We've got some iceberg lettuce as well And to make it a healthy meal We're going to add some juicy, plump, tomatoes So we've got a few kampong eggs they've been in here for quite awhile So I'm going to use them as well Alright, so we've got KFC, we've got lettuce, we've got tomatoes we've got eggs and i think we need to add some buns as well Alright, so we're going to add some oil in first then we're gonna add the onions so you've got to saute the onions until it is translucent next i'm going to add in some butter the reason why i add in butter later after the olive oil cos you don't want the butter to burn out so fast you can smell it next i'm going to add in some onions sorry, some garlic next i'm going to add in the KFC all that nice skin gone in you don't need to add alot of salt and pepper because KFC by itself is already very tasty but i'll still add abit of pepper because i love abit of spice alright, next i'm going to add in some wooster sauce some people call it Worcestershire sauce add some sugar next i'm going to add in some tomate puree just a bit of tomato puree in you can actually buy this from your local convenience shop i'm going to add some olive oil i'm going to add some eggs some kampong eggs make sure you spread them evenly out so they don't get jumbled up together almost broke one egg look at it

magic lovely kampong eggs alright the eggs are almost done get a non-stick pan if you can it helps the process of sliding the eggs around your plate or something so we're gonna place some of that nice chicken taste like korean chicken actually if you want you can add some cajun spice it'll taste very nice we'll add some lettuce it's a bit messy and it's fine we're all amateur cooks i'm not professional just grab one of the eggs place it on top it's a bit big, if you guys want, you guys can get the mould rings make it look super nice i like it looking very rustic so there you go alright so now we're going to plate it up we've got a bit of skewers over here so even if you get the egg yolk it's fine let it slowly ooze out it's just one small part of it beautiful slider i've got some tomato sauce i know many of you at home love tomato sauce not going to do some fancy plating just gonna drop a bit of tomato sauce on the side you can get those squeeze bottles i've got a very good example of them very good, you can get them at those small shops as well So we've done plating the slider i've got a friend come over his name is Chef Batbayar he's a 2 star michelin chef from the Gobi Desert, Mongolia so we're going to let him try this out and let's see how he rates it so now we're going to present Chef Batbayar with the KFC Slider Chef Batbayar, please enjoy the KFC Slider, just for you Thank you very much, thank you very nice, hamburger? no no slider man, slider small hamburger, but very nice i'm going to eat for second bite overall very nice! so we've come to the end of the episode for leftover guys i'm Kyo and this is Chef Batbayar Thank you Chef Batbayar for coming down no problem so how was the food? very good really? especially the small burger you don't get that in Mongolia, do you? no well if you guys like the video please subscribe above, give us a like, comments down below if you wanna see us cook more leftover food next week how do you say goodbye in Mongolian? no idea you serious? yess


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