Farro Recipe with Italian Sausage and Peppers

– What's up guys? Your favorite chef here, Chef Billy Parisi Thanks so much for stopping by today

I'm going to show you how to make an amazing weeknight meal loaded with sausage, pepper, zucchini, squash, and farro, thanks to Bob's Red Mill If I just freaked you out by saying "farro," don't worry, let me try to explain what it is To me, it's a perfect cross in between brown rice and barely It's a little bit chewy, it's nice and tender, it's got a wonderful nutty flavor, and it's from the mediterranean area Literally, I like to say it's Italian, but you know what, that's just because I'm Italian

But really, that area uses farro a ton, and we're gonna kinda stick with that type of cuisine in this dish So when making farro, what you want to do is measure it out I like to put it right into a colander, because you want to spray it down really well, kind of get the starchiness off of it I'm gonna transfer it right to a pan I'm gonna add in some vegetable stock

You can use water, chicken stock, beef stock, whatever you'd like Season it up with a little bit of salt, and then we're going to bring it to a boil Now once it is boiling, go ahead and add the top right onto it, and we're gonna simmer it It's gonna take in between 30 minutes and 35 minutes You just want to make sure that it's tender, it's al dente, and it is delicious

This is perfect timing because while our farro is cooking, we can start prepping up some of these vegetables So I've got an assortment of wonderful, in-season ingredients here that are gonna go wonderfully with the farro and the rest of this dish So go ahead and start by trimming up a red bell pepper What we're going to do, for me it's easiest, just to cut it in fourths, just slice it right down each side, and then we're going to do batonnets If you're looking at me like I'm crazy, like, "What is a batonnet?" It's like your pinky, okay? It's like a nice thick, long

Well, food not pinkies So, go ahead and slice up our bell peppers like that I've got a yellow bell pepper as well

And then I've got some zucchini Cut off the ends I cut it right in half, and then the same manner, we wanna get it to that nice, perfect size just like the bell peppers Cut it down, and then cut it on the side You're gonna have some really nice, batonnet zucchinis

We're gonna do the same thing with yellow squash I've got some cherry tomatoes I'm going to leave those whole But I do have some cipollini onions, these are little baby sweet onions We're gonna remove the ends, and then you just want to peel 'em and set 'em to the side

At this point, our ferro is just about finished What we want to do is just finish it off with a little bit of unsalted, whole butter, some fresh thyme, and mix it together If there's some extra liquid in there, you can absolutely strain it I just like to keep it nice and juicy so I'm gonna leave it in there Put the top back on and keep it warm

Slide it to that back burner, bring over a huge cast iron skillet, or if you don't have a big cast iron skillet like this, a large saute pan will work just fine Add some butter into that, and then what we want to do is sear off some sweet Italian sausage You can use hot if you a little kick in your dishes I'm not much for spicy foods so I'm going to use sweet Italian sausage We want to brown it up on all sides, don't worry about cooking it through because we'll do that later

So just make sure it's golden brown on all sides of the Italian sausage Go ahead and set the sausage to the side on a plate or a piece of parchment paper on a cookie sheet tray What we want to do now is add in the cipollini onions first because these are gonna take the longest to caramelize After just a few minutes on high heat, give them a quick flip We're next going to add in some whole garlic cloves

I'm Italian, because I need garlic in every dish, of course I do Next, we're gonna add in all of those wonderful batonneted vegetables that we sliced up, and we want to give this a really quick roast I'm talking maybe two to three minutes Brown, the pan is hot, so just brown them up on all sides Set all these vegetables to the side in a separate bowl away from those sausages

We're going to deglaze with a Madeira wine It's got a really nice, sweet, delicious flavor Once it's reduced by about to 1/3 the amount of what you poured in there, add in a little bit of beef stock Go ahead and cook that down for just two to three minutes Add back in the sausage

We're gonna help finish up the sausage by grazing it in that liquid After three to four minutes, add the vegetables back in there We're gonna mix it in with a little bit of unsalted butter, we're gonna season it with salt and pepper And boom, we are finished with this dish Give it a nice stir, and now it's time to plate up

Everything is finished, it's all about timing I prepped the vegetables while the farro was cooking, now we're ready to assemble everything I'm gonna put the farro down on a plate I'm gonna top it off with one cooked sausage Load it up with some of those delicious batonnet, pan-seared vegetables

Gonna finish it with a little bit of some fresh arugula, some finely shaved Parmesan cheese And boom We are finished It's time to try this out Absolutely no hating here, this looks incredible and it's so easy to make

The faro is fantastic, the sausage You know, I ate all of this off-camera, but I want to prove to you it's good so let's try it right now (fork drops) Mmm Mmm! That farro is incredible

It's tender, it's just like meaty It's almost like and umami flavor in there It's crazy how far the thyme and the butter take the farro, it's wonderful I want to eat a lot more of this, so I'm outta here Thanks Bob's Red Mill

Thanks agan for watching Be sure to come back next week, you know it's gonna be dope See ya!


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